Open Show October 2013 – Show Report

OCTOBER 13th 2013 – Open Show held in conjunction with SWKA Ch. Show, Builth Wells.

Judge:  Julie Steemson (Bocans)


The Welsh West Highland White Terrier Club Open Show 13th October 2013

Judge Ms Julie Steemson

Firstly I like to say thank you very much to all the people that entered under me . I feel im lucky to have  gone over a small entry of top quality dogs not only having lovely construction generally  but beautiful heads as well .

Minor puppy dog 2 ent :

1st Maxula power of dreams , very raw , lovely head , nice mouth , good pigment , well laid shoulder , tail set on top , quite showy , moved true .

2nd Reifrandes spirit damour , a stronger puppy than 1st more bone , lovely head , nice mouth , good double coat , well presented , nice shoulder , unsettled on the move and when stacked , should do well , needs time to adjust to the ring .

Puppy dog 2 ent ; 1st Coleys kingsview warwick , lovely strong masculine head ,nice mouth , good pigment , well laid shoulder , held his top line on the move , tail set on top and carried well , very showy , moved true coming and going . Best puppy dog .

2nd Krisma line dancer at lilmill , hasn’t the strength in head or bone as 1st , nice mouth and super coat , well presented and showy but preffered  the movement coming and going of my 1st .

Post graduate dog ; Lindenka baxter , nice head, scissor bite , held his top line on the move , carried his tail , moved well .

Limit dog ; Brychdyn diamond geezer , Really liked him , super head and expression , lovely mouth , well laid shoulder , held his topline on the move , short tail right up on top , double coat , moved well .B.O.S , R.B.I.S .

Puppy bitch ,2 ent ; 1st Karamynd so what at kingsview , Nice head and bite , really used her ears , so alert , nice lay back , held her topline super tail set and carriage , double coat , well presented , moved well , drive behind , a very showy lovely baby and she knows it . Best puppy .

2nd Matheron for n  affair with duskhunter , Another quality  puppy,  lovely head and mouth , super deep double well presented jacket , nice layback , tail carriage ok , just lost out on rear movement and had lost her sparkle .

Yearling bitch ; Crinan calista , a lovely bitch to go over , lovely head and expression , good mouth , well placed ears , good layback of shoulder , held her top line when moving  , short tail , set well and carried up on top , moved true coming and going , double coat would have liked a tighter jacket .

2nd Reifrandes muirine , Nice head , good mouth , double coat , short tail , deep double jacket that needs some TLC , didn’t move as well as my 1st today .

Graduate bitch ,1st  Crinan calista .

Post graduate bitch , 1st Lindenka apple charlotte , nice head,  good mouth ,nice shoulder ,  held her top line and carried her tail , moves true enough , does whats asked of her but nothing more .

Limit bitch , 1st Krisma asking for trouble at Karamynd ,super quality bitch head to toe , lovely head and expression used her ears , good mouth ,well laid shoulder , held her top line , tail set and carried up on top , deep double jacket that was immaculately presented , moved true coming and going with drive behind .A real show girl .Best of breed .

I found out later that this is the mother of my best puppy , what a quality pair of show girls.