Open Show October 2012 – Show Report

OCTOBER 13th 2012 – Open Show held in conjunction with SWKA Ch. Show, Builth Wells

Judge:  Jane Lilley (Kensing)


Class 1 – Minor Puppy Dog – 1.Squire’s Kimgarwyn Defender  2.  Ashgate Gleouraicy  3.  Corrie’s Inverglen Lowe ‘n’ Behold

Class 2 – Puppy Dog – 1. Carlin & Gillott’s Lizandycris Check me Out

Class 3 – Junior Dog – 1.  Jenning’s Comdale Johnny boy 2.  Hughes’s Brychdyn Diamond Geezer

Class 4 – Yearling Dog –  1.  Hayton’s Pedroyhay Roberto

Class 5 – Graduate Dog – NO ENTRIES

Class 6 – Post Graduate Dog – 1. Corrie’s Inverglen Lord of the Manor 2.  Stock’s Lindenka Baxter

Class 7 – Limit Dog – 1.  Thomson’s Ashgate McKenzie

Class 8 – Open Dog – 1.  Morton’s Ir. Ch. Havasu Hey Dude for Swifdon

Class 9 – Veteran Dog or Bitch – 1. Davison’s Antonia Apple Pie at Braxquin

BEST DOG AND BEST PUPPY DOG:  Squire’s Kimgarwyn Defender

Class 10 – Minor Puppy Bitch – No Entries

Class 11 – Puppy Bitch – 1.Morton’s Brychdyn Carrie on Swifdon 2. Mealing’s Reifrandies Muirne 3. Lancaster’s Clanestar Cloud Chaser 4. Gaydon’s Gilbri Christmas Angel 5.  Lewis’s Bellevue Daydream at Leodhas

Class 12 – Junior Bitch – 1. Hooper’s Yorsar Betsy Ross 2.  Gilbri’s Bellevue Wanna Be at Gilbri 3. Dunne’s Hillcloud Ice Flake at Charosmack 4. Chamber’s Circius Twinkle Star 5. Bartley’s Pelham Lady of Heathbridge

Class 13 – Yearling Bitch – 1. Hayton’s Pedrohay Silver Magnolia

Class 14 – Graduate Bitch – No Entries

Class 15 – Post Graduate Bitch – 1. Dingley’s Davot Chinoa 2. Stock’s Lindenka Apple Charlotte

Class 16 – Limit Bitch – 1. Cooper’s Brorastar Words of Love 2. Davison’s Braxquin Beginning a Dream 3. Gaydon’s Gilbri Royal Sapphire 4. Chamber’s Sprig of White Heather

Class 17 – Open Bitch – No Entries


Class 18 – Brace –  1.  Mr P & Mrs S C Hayton   2.  Mrs A & Mr T A W Stock

Class 19 – Special Beginners Dog or Bitch – 1. Bartley’s Pelham Lady of Heathbridge

BEST IN SHOW/BEST PUPPY IN SHOW:  Squire’s Kimgarwyn Defender


Judges Critique………..

West Highland White Terrier Club Open Show

At the SWKA Ch Show


It is such a good idea to combine a club show with a major championship show, giving exhibitors the chance to have two differing opinions of their dogs on the same day for the cost of a single journey.  Thank you to everyone who waited so patiently for our ring to be available and to the committee for seemingly miraculously transforming it into a well decorated club show event with such speed and efficiency with especial thanks to my wonderful steward for sorting everything out so calmly.  Despite an overly long wait, there was such a happy enthusiastic atmosphere throughout, emphasised by the dogs’ charming friendly personalities. It was interesting to find that some of the more strongly built and better balanced appeared to be rather taller than they actually were, this proving to be merely an illusion when checked.


Minor Puppy (3d-0ab)  A super class, all of the highest quality, for which it would have been easier to have had three first prizes.    

1.  Squire’s Kimgarwyn Defender.  So very masculine, mature and well balanced, in harsh jacket and hard muscular condition.  Well shaped head with an irresistible expression in his dark sparkling eyes.  Simply a joy to handle as he is so well made all through with strong hindquarters, level topline, neat feet and good layback of shoulder. Constantly alert, a strong, energetic, willing showman, super sound and positive on the move with good extension in sidegait, holding himself with justifiable pride. One of those dogs who seems to know instinctively just how it should be done and he did.  Most exciting.  BPIS & BIS

2.  Thomson’s Ashgate Gleouraicy.  Beautifully made all through with well laid shoulder, in excellent harsh coat, lovely dark eyes and pigment.  A good mover only,  understandably at this age, just not quite as mature as the winner as yet but his turn will surely come as the promise is all there.

3.  Corri’s Inverglen Low ‘N Behold

Puppy (1d-0ab)

 1.  Carlin’s Lizandycris Check Me Out.  Charming youngster, full of fun, who went with a spring in his stride, dark expressive eyes and good mouth.  Coat coming on well, firm on elbow, constantly alert and very inquisitive!


Junior (2d-0)

1. Jennings’ Comdale Johnny Boy.  Lovely head, eye, expression and pigment, firm front, good neck and excellent topline with well set and carried tail.  He scored on layback of shoulder, positive and enthusiastic on the move.

2.  Hughes’ Brychdyn Diamond Geyser.  Well balanced, in good coat and condition, he too had a charming head and expression with good pigment.  Energetic on the move, if a trifle short in stride.


Yearling (1d-0)

1.  Hayton’s Pedrohay Roberto.  Excellent shoulder and firm front, good coat with lovely small ears, dark eyes and pigment with good mouth.  Topline can still firm a touch, not always holding himself as well as he might on the move.


Post Grad (2d-0)

1.  Corri’s Inverglen Lord of the Manor.  Smart and well balanced with well shaped head, lovely expression and dark pigment, well laid shoulder and strong hindquarters, good mouth, longer ears, in excellent coat and hard muscular condition.  He moved well, full of himself and his own importance.

2.  Stock’s Lindenka Baxter.  Lovely small well set ears, where he scored, good pigment, an enthusiastic mover with firm front and well set tail, in good coat and condition.


Limit (1d-0)

1.  Thomson’s Ashgate McKenzie. Lovely head and expression, dark eyes and pigment with neat small ears, so good for size, type, make and shape with good layback of shoulder and strong hindquarters, immaculate topline and good tailset, in harsh coat.  Moving especially well in profile and behind.


Open (2d-1ab)

1.  Morton’s Ir Ch Havasu Hey Dude for Swifdon.  Well shaped head with neat small well set ears, good eye and expression, harsh jacket, excellent topline and tailset.  Just a little narrow in movement but with good reach in profile.




Veteran (2d-1ab)

1.  Davison’s Antonia Apple Pie at Braxquin.  Good looking seven year old dog with well shaped head, good eye and ears with charming expression.  Very sound, enthusiastic and positive on the move with well laid shoulder, good forechest and level topline. BVIS


Special Beginners (1d-0ab)

1.  Bartley’s Pelham Lady of Heathbridge.  Lovely dark expressive eyes, good pigment, excellent shoulders and harsh coat.  She moved very well.





Puppy (5d-0ab)

1.  Morton’s Brychdyn Carrie on Swifdon.  Gorgeous head eye and expression, good mouth and topline, well made all through.  Not giving of her best to start with but, after having completed her ablutions at the edge of the ring, it was a very different story.  She then moved very well indeed with a spring in her stride.  BPB.

2.  Mealing’s Reifrandies Muirne.  Loved her for size and type with a most charming feminine head with small neat ears and excellent topline and hindquarters.. Only lost out to the little extra maturity of the winner.  She has all the promise in the world.

3. Lancaster’s Clanestar Cloud Chaser


Junior (7d-2ab)

1. Hooper’s Yorstar Betsy Ross.  Such a beautiful head with the most alert appealing expression in her dark eyes, which seemed to follow me everywhere. Excellent pigment with well shaped ears and muzzle.  Ultra feminine, well balanced with short back and beautifully made all through.  Lovely for size and type, she moved to match the excellence of her confirmation, holding herself so proudly.  BOS & RBIS

2.  Gaydon’s Bellevue Wanna Be at Gilbri.  Also lovely with wider set ears, excellent pigment and dark expressive eye, good layback of shoulder, in excellent coat and condition with good shoulder, topline and tailset.  Very sound and positive on the move, so well balanced standing but, for reasons of her own, seemed to elongate herself on the move.

3.  Dunne’s Hillcloud Iceflake at Charosmack

Yearling (1d-0)

1.  Hayton’s Pedrohay Silver Magnolia.  A willing showgirl in excellent harsh coat and hard muscular condition with decent shoulder and good mouth.  Sound and positive on the move, dark pigment and eyes.


Post Grad (3d-1ab)

1. Dingley’s Davot Chinoa.   Nose pigment coming in well after what was obviously an accident, good layback of shoulder, she scored on earset.  A steady mover, holding herself with pride.

2. Stock’s Lindenka Apple Charlotte.  Well shaped feminine head, very sound in movement with decent shoulder, well set and carried tail.


Limit (5d-1ab

1.  Cooper’s Brorastar Words of Love.  Most charming head and expression with small neat ears, beautifully presented in the harshest of coat and hard muscular condition, so well balanced with excellent topline and shoulder, where she scored.  Super, sound and positive on the move, holding herself very proudly with well set and carried tail.  Just needs a little more sun on her nose to complete the picture.

2.  Davison’s Braxquin Beginning a Dream.  Feminine showgirl with darkest of pigment  and good coat with decent shoulder.  Just a little longer than the winner, very sound on the move.

3.  Gaydon’s Gilbri Royal Sapphire



BRACE (2d-0)

 1.  Hayton’s Pedrohay litter brother & sister.  So very charming and typey, with such similar heads and expressions.  Co-operating well with their handler, just scoring on movement.

2.   Stock’s Lindenka dog and bitch.  A steady willing couple, who went well together.

                                                                                                            Jane Lilley