Open Show October 2011 – Show Report

October 9th 2011 – Held in Conjunction with SWKA Ch. Show, Builth Wells

Judge:  Tina Squire

  • Class 1 – Minor Puppy Dog – Absent
  • Class 2 – Puppy Dog – Fox’s Hillsted Same Again 13.10.10 Br Exh. Llovall Ain’t Misbehavin – Hillsted Sweet Breeze
  • Class 3 – Dale’s Something Special Superbia Lynnsto (Imp.Pol) 25.9.10 Br. A Siwulska Multi Ch. Un Pour Moi Du Moulin De McGregor – PL & INT Ch Avra Superbia
  • Class 4 – Absent
  • Class 5 – Carlin & Gillott’s Lizandycris Devlin in Disguise 5.4.10 Br. Exh. Ch. Davot Chivalrous Chap – Lizandycris Girl of Action
  • Class 6 – Squire’s Kingarwyn Arlo 1.4.10 Br. Exh. Ch. Kingarwyn Alco – Kingarwyn Bramble
  • Class 7 – Britten’s Walk the Line Vom Diepenbrook to Krisma 10.7.10 Br. Mr & Mrs B & Miss T Deipenbrook Int. Ch Krisma Spitn Polish – Ch & Int. Ch. Royal Diva Vom Diepenbrook
  • Class 8 – Lewis’s Ch. Lynnsto Man About Town Sh.CM 7.4.08 Br. M Dale Multi Ch. Lynnsto Mastercard JW – Highcrest Enya Dreams Lynnsto
  • Class 9 – Thomson’s Ashgate Scot’s Sagacity 23.5.01 Br. Exh. Ch. Ashgate Ivanhoe – Ch. Kyntilly Wisdom at Ashgate

BEST DOG :  Ch. Lynnsto Man About Town Sh.CM  RESERVE:  Walk the Line Vom Diepenbrook to Krisma   BEST PUPPY DOG: Hillsted Same Again

  • Class 10 – Lancaster’s Clanestar Careless Love B 19.1.11 Br. Exh. Ch. Hopecharm Willie Make It for Karamynd – Ch. Clanestar Careless Affair JW
  • Class 11 – Jennings’s Comdale Starr 1.1.11 Br. Exh. Ch. Pepabby Prank – Comdale Talk the Talk
  • Class 12 – Gaydon’s Gilbri Spanish Rose 24.7.10 Br. Exh. Ch & SP. Ch Alborada Centurion – Gilbri Charisma
  • Class 13 – Gaydon’s Gilbri Royal Sapphire 21.9.10 Br. Exh. Ch. Bellevue Going Dutch with Pryorvale – Ch. Wistonant Royal Ruby at Gilbri
  • Class 14 – Windram’s Cassara Princess 29.10.04 Br. Exh. Trethmore Tall Story – Barnwin Im Daisy May
  • Class 15 – Griffiths’s Krisma Asking for Trouble at Karamynd 1.10 Br. Mrs D Britten Ch & Int. Ch. Karamynd Play the Game JW – Krisma Trouble in Mind
  • Class 16 – Squire’s Kingarwyn Bramble 2.9.08 Br. Exh. Ch. Havasu Pai – Kingarwyn Charlie Girl
  • Class 17 – Coley’s Karamynd on Cue for Kingsview 13.12.07 Br. Mrs J Griffiths Ch. Karamynd Play the Game – Ch. Karamynd Paws for Applause
  • Class 18 – Mrs A Stock

BEST BITCH – Karamynd on Cue for Kingsview  RESERVE: Krisma Asking for Trouble at Karamynd   BEST PUPPY BITCH:  Comdale Starr

BEST IN SHOW:  Ch. Lynnsto Man About Town Sh. CM

RESERVE BEST IN SHOW & BEST OPPOSITE SEX:  Karamynd on Cue for Kingsview

BEST PUPPY IN SHOW:  Comdale Starr

BEST VETERAN IN SHOW:  Ashgate Scots Sagacity


The WHWT Club of Wales held an open show where BIS was Ch Lynnsto Man About Town ShCM, RBIS & BOS, Karamynd On Cue for Kingsview, BP, Comdale Starr and BV, Ashgate Scots Sagacity.  My thanks to the club for inviting me to judge at their show held in conjunction with South Wales Championship Show.  Also thanks to the exhibitors who stayed on to support the club.
MPD  –  1(1A)
PD  –  2  –  1. Fox’s Hillsted Same Again.  Lovely head with large teeth and excellent bite.  Very mature,   cobby dog.  Real ring presence, free standing and moved well.
2.  Jennings’ Comdale Gorgeous George.  Very showy puppy, full of confidence. Just needs to mature.
JD  –  3(1A)  1.  Dale’s Something Special Superbia Lynnsto.  Very stylish young male.  Good harsh white coat.  Lovely outline on the move.  One for the future.
2.  MacBean’s Gilbri Royal Commander at Pryorvale.  Well balenced dog, moved and showed well.
YD  –  2(2A)
GD  –  3(1A)  1.  Carlin & Gillott’s Lizandycris Devlin In Disguise.  Lovely dog to go over.  Excellent head.  Loved his attitude, showed well and moved with drive.
2.  Windram’s Kristenkenzie Fagan.  Well made dog.  In good harsh coat.  Moved well.
PGD  –  5(3A)  1.  Squire’s Kimgarwyn Arlo.  Excellent neck and shoulders.  Very showy maintaining outline on the move.  Well presented.
2.  Stock’s Lindenka Baxter.  Good outline stacked and on the move.  Showed with purpose.
LD  –  4(1A)  1.  Britten’s Walk The Line Vom Deipenbrook to Krisma.  Lovely varminty expression.  Good sized teeth with excellent bite.  Loved his neck and shoulders running into short back.  Moved well with tail bang on top.  Very stylish male with a bright future. RBD.
2.  Griffiths’ Karamynd Play It Again.  Smaller type, well made.  Shortist of backs.  Showed well with good attitude.
3.  McLoughlin’s Ley Hey Living Legend ShCM.
OD  –  11(4A)  1.  Lewis’ Ch Lynnsto Man About Town ShCM.  Really lovely dog to go over.  So stylish stacked and on the move.  Sailed around the ring as if he owned it with “look at me” attitude.  BD & BIS.
2.  Gordon’s Ch Lamsmore Fitzwritin.  Another lovely dog.  Put down to perfection.  Immaculate white coat.  Very impressive.
3.  Minett’s Ch Duskhunter Dutch Courage.
V  –  4(2A)  1.  Thomson’s Ashgate Scots Sagacity.  Ten year old bitch with excellent bite, nice type and well constructed.  Moved with drive. BV.
2.  Dale’s Ch Lynnsto Pellam JW, ShCM.  Well made male.  Very well presented.  Moved and showed well.
MPB  –  5(2A)  1.  Lancaster’s Clanestar Careless Love.  Beautiful puppy.  Loved her head and expression.  Excellent neck and shoulders.  So well balenced.  Has a bright future.
2.  Thomson’s Hillcloud Athena at Ashgate.  Real baby but showed well and moved with drive.
3.  Judge’s Lymehills Maria of Erinshore.
PB  –  5(1A)  1.  Jenning’s Comdale Starr.  Caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring.  Really loved this puppy, just my type.  So feminine from head to tail.  Very sound on the move.  BPIS.
2.  Fox’s Comdale Miss January.  Litter sister to 1 and similar in type.  Excellent head, moved and showed well.
3.  Edmondson’s Peppaby Pirouette.
JB  –  4(2A)  1.  Gaydon’s Gilbri Spanish Rose.  Pretty bitch with feminine head.  Excellnt neck and shoulders.  Showed well with tail on top.  Lovely white coat.
2.  Thomson’s Ashgate Moonsie.  Another nice bitch.  Excellent bite.  Moved and showed with purpose.
YB – 2(1A)  1.  Gaydon’s Gilbri Sapphire.  Beautiful bitch stacked and on the move.  Excellent neck and shoulders.  Very well presented.
GB – 3(1A)  1.  Windram’s Cassara Princess.  Well balenced bitch but a little overweight.  Showed well.
2.  Pike’s Caromagic Shooting Star.  Very well presented but longer cast than 1.  Showed well.
PGB – 4(1A)  1.  Griffiths’ Krisma Asking For Trouble at Karamynd.  Well constructed bitch with excellent neck and shoulders.  Very sound on the move.  Really liked her.  RBB.
2.  Stock’s Lindenka Apple Charlotte.  Good neck and shoulders.  Well balenced and good presentation.
3.  Davison’s Braxquin Beginning A Dream.
LB – 5(2A)  1.  Squire’s Kimgarwyn Bramble.  Stylish bitch with excellent front, neck and shoulders.  Moved well with tail bang on top.
2.  Lancaster’s Clanestar Cloudchasing.  Nice bitch to go over.  Well presented.  Sound on the move.
3.  Hayton’s Pedrohay Silver Rosebud.
OB – 10(5A)  1.  Coley’s Karamynd On Cue for Kingsview.  Very attractive, cobby bitch.  Well constructed.  Moved with drive.  Well presented in good coat.  BB/RBIS/BOS.
2.  Dale’s Lynnsto Platinum JW.  Another nice bitch.  Well put together.  Excellent ring presence.  Needs a little more time to mature.
3.  MacBean’s Pryorvale My Cherie Amour.
Brace 1. Stock’s.  Well matched in looks and movement.
2.  Hayton’s.  Matched in movement. Not so even in looks.
Judge – Tina Squire.