Open Show August 2016 – Show Report


20th August 2016 – HELD AT Royal Showground, Builth Wells

JUDGE   Karen Harper (Westigo)

I would like to thank all exhibitors and committee for such an enjoyable day

MPD-(1) Thomson’s Ashgate Ayton 9 mths, Excellent mouth, dark eye, well set ears, plenty of bone, needs to settle on the move. BPD

PD (0)

JD (1) Macbeans Pryorvale Summer Knight, Correct head, dark eye, correct ear placement, correct bite, plenty of bone, well muscled excellent rear angulation, nice outline, moved well.

YD (0)

GD(2) 1 Purchons Lindenka I’m Dexter, super correct head, dark eye, neat ears, correct mouth, right length of neck into well laid shoulder, correct depth of rib, plenty of bone and well muscled rear, tail on top, nice coat, moved well. Overall a well balanced dog. BD, RBIS, BOS.

 2 Bradbury’s Gelmore Midwinter Magic at Fourastay, nice head dark pigment, correct coat, moved ok.

PGD(1) Thomson’s Fernsunrise Fairplay to Ashgate, Good head, dark eye, nice outline, moved well.

LD (2) 1 Noyce,s Armadale’s son of a gun at Maxula, Correct mouth,  head and shoulders, good rear angulation, tail on top, right coat, moved with drive RBD.

2 Purchon’s Lindenka Donovan, same attributes as 1 but just preferred movement of 1 on the day.

OD (2) 1 Purchons Ch Lindenka Chesterman, lovely head, dark eye, correct shoulder placement, correct depth of rib, good rear angulation, tail on top.

2 Corri’s Inverglen Lowe’n’Behold, same attributes as 1 but different type, preferred outline of 1.

VD or B(2,1) Stock’s Lindenka Baxter. 9 years, nice head, good stop,well set ears, nice outline,good coat. Reluctant to move. BV

SpB D or B(3,3)

MPB (3) 1 Thomson’s Ashgate Birnie, Lovely puppy, super mouth, correct head, dark eye, neat ears, nice shoulder placement, nice rear angulation, tail on top. Gave her handler a hard time on the move.

2 West’s Match Macy’s pride at Tomlyndon(imp swe)NAF Same attributes as 1 but on the move a bit loose in front movement. Should tighten as she mature’s.

PB (5,3) 1 Stock’s Lindenka Vanilla Ice, loved this puppy, correct bite, dark eye, small well placed ears, nice neck and shoulder, straight front, nice shaped ribs, good strong muscular hindquarters, lovely coat coming through, tail on top, moved very well, great temperament, BP

2 Dunne’s Charosmack Cwick Magic, pretty bitch with good mouth, dark eye, neat ears, good rear angulation. Shame she was really upset by the Tannoy.

JB (3) 1 Burn’s Burneze Copyright, Lovely head and piercing expression, correct mouth, dark eye, neat ears, correct length of neck, correct shoulder placement, level topline, good rear angulation, tail on top, lovely white harsh coat. RBB

YB (2,1) 1 Burn’s Burneze Copyright.

GB (4,1) 1 Burn’s Burneze Copyright.

 2 Biscoe’s Circinus My Lucky Lady, Good head, straight front, nice outline, moved ok.

PGB (2)  Purchon’s Lindenka Apple Krumble, Good head, dark

 eye, correct mouth,

correct layback of shoulder, straight front, correct hindquarters,

 nice coat, moved well.

2 Corri’s Frisbeck Flower Girl By Inverglen. Same attributes as 1,

 close decision.

LB  (4) 1 Minett’s Matheron Connex Again with Duskhunter,

 Lovely bitch, Excellent head, dark eye, correct ear placement,

correct mouth, correct length of neck into good layback of

shoulder’s, straight front,deep chest, level back, lovely well

muscled well angulated hindquarters allowing her to move freely

and with drive fore and aft. tail on top and a harsh coat. BB. B.I.S

2 Lancaster’s Clanestar CarelessChimes, correct head and

 pigment, correct ear set, nice layback of shoulder’s, straight front,

not as good in hindquarters as 1.