Open Show August 2015 – Show Result

West Highland White Terrier Club Of Wales

Open Show 22nd August 2015

Judge Tony Lilley



My thanks to the Club, the hardworking committee, and the members who gave me their entries, and for giving me the opportunity to judge their dogs.


Minor Puppy Dog  (2/2)


1st  Lindenka Dexter , masculine head correct bite with good sized teeth.  Strong boned. Moved well and good presentation .

2nd Fernsunrise Fairplay to Ashgate, Lovely young pup just 6 months, nice coat, good head and mouth, a little shy but should do well.

Puppy Dog (1/1)


1st Hillsted Masquerade At Thozow, avery showy puppy with excellent movement, masculine head, short muzzle good sized teeth with a correct bite, straight front, good shoulders giving him a good reach of neck , nice pigment, needed a bit more coat . BPIS

Junior Dog (0/0)

Yearling Dog (0/0)

Graduate Dog (0/0)


Post Graduate Dog (2/2)

1st Lindenka Chesterman, Lovely head great teeth good coat, good bone with good muscle tone, moved with real drive in the dog line up. RBIS

2nd Refrandies Espirt D’Amour, Very eager young man good coat needs to settle on the move.


Limit Dog (2/1)


1st Leyhey Latest Legend, good sized head , nice bone he enjoyed himself  and moved well coat needs attention.

Open Dog (1/1)

1st Lindenka Donovan, good head and mouth, lovely expression, good coat moved well.

Veteran Dog Or Bitch (4/3)


1st LeyHey Living Legend, so good to see a 10yr oldin great shape and health , whitest of coats  presented well ,lovely head and good  bone , very nice shoulder, moved with drive and excitement . BVIS

2nd Drumsheugh True Grit, good head and coat ,coby in type not so confident on the move .

3rd Lindenka Baxter


Special Beginners Dog Or Bitch (1/1)

1stRefrandies Espirt D’Amour, Very eager young man good coat needs to settle on the move.


Minor Puppy Bitch (2/1)

1st Lindenka Apple Krymble, a very feminine bitch great teeth and mouth, nice coat moved well BPB.

Puppy Bitch (1/1)

1st Swifton Sweet Surrender, lovely feminine bitch good head and teeth, needed more coat for balance, moved well, needs time.

Junior Bitch (1/0)

Yearling Bitch (0/0)


Graduate Bitch (1/1)

1st Crinan Carousel, Good head and mouth, very nice  straight front, well laid back shoulder, good bone moved well.

Post Graduate Bitch (1/1)

1st Lovall look Here Leyhey, lovely compact bitch short coupled, good bone, nice head and mouth.


Limit Bitch 3absent


Open Bitch (3/2)

1st Crinan Calista, A beautifully compact bitch, great head and mouth.  Short coupled, level top line, nice straight front, with free movement and didn’t stop showing.  I have had the delight to give her BIS for the second time this year but with two different handlers.   I am glad she didn’t slip though my fingers!  Regardless of the handler, her quality shines through.

2nd Swifdon Stormy Days, another lovely bitch good head and mouth with correct scissor bite, nice straight front and well laid back shoulders, but less confident on the move than 1.

AUGST 2015 OPEN SHOW results

Judge:  Tony  Lilley (Lilmill)

Class 1 – Minor Puppy Dog –  2 (2)   1st  Purchon’s Lindenka Baxter  2nd Fernsunrise Fairplay to Ashgate

Class 2 – Puppy Dog  1 (1)  1st  Foster’s Hillsted Masquerade at Thorzow

Class 3 – Junior Dog – 0 entries

Class 4 – Yearling Dog – 0 entries

Class 5 – Graduate Dog – 0 entries

Class 6 – Post Graduate Dog – 2 (2)  1st Purchon’s Lindenka Chesterman  2nd  Coles’s Refrandies Esprit D’Amour

Class 7 – Limit Dog – 2 (1)  1st  McLoughlin’s Leyhey Latest Legend

Class 8 – Open Dog 1 (1)  1st  Purchon’s Lindenka Donovan

Class 9 – Veteran Dog or Bitch 4 (3)  1st  McLoughlin’s Living Legend  2nd Tullis’s Drumsheugh True Grit   3rd  Purchon’s Lindenka Baxter

Class 10 – Special Beginners Dog or Bitch  1 (1)   Cole’s Reifrandies Espirit D’Amour

Best Dog – Lindenka  Chesterman

Reserve Best Dog – Hillsted Masquerade at Thozow

Best Puppy Dog – Hillsted Masquerade at Thozow

Class 11 – Minor Puppy Bitch 2 (1)  Purchon’s Lindenka Apple Krymble

Class 12  Puppy Bitch  1 (1)  Morton’s Swifdon Sweet Surrender

Class 13 – Junior Bitch  1 (0)

Class 14 – Yearling Bitch 0 entries

Class 15 – Graduate Bitch 1 (1)  Strand & Hand’s Crinan Carousel

Class 16 – Post Graduate Bitch 1 (1)  McLoughlin Llovall Look Here Leyhey

Class 17 – Limit Bitch 3 (0)

Class 18 – Open Bitch 3 (2)  1st  Hand’s Crinan Calista   2nd  Morton’s Swifdon Stormy Days

Class 19 – Brace  2 (0)

Best Bitch  Crinan Calista

Reserve Best Bitch –   Strand & Hand’s Crinan Carousel

Best Puppy Bitch – Lindenka Apply Krymble

BEST IN SHOW  –  Crinan Calista

Reserve Best on Show & Best Opposite Sex – Lindenka Chesterman

Best Puppy in Show –  Hillsted Masquerade at Thozow

Best Veteran in Show – Leyhey Living Legend