Open Show April 2016 – Show Result

 Open Show 24th April 2016

held at Three Counties Showground, Malvern

Judge:  Suzanne Macbean (Pryorvale)

Best in Show:  Carlin & Gillott’s Lizandycris Line Me Up

Reserve Best in Show:  Foster’s Hillsted Masquerade at Thowzow

Best Opposite Sex:  Foster’s Thozow Sweet Pea

Best Puppy in Show:  Burns’s Burneze Copyright


Judges Critique:

My thanks to the committee for making me feel  welcome and the exhibitors for entering.

Class 1 MPD (0)

Class 2 PD (0)

Class 3 JD(2)Foster,Hillstead Masquerade at Thozow. Nice young dog, strong head with big teeth, Good stop and ear placement. Neck flowing into well placed shoulders.Tail on top.Hard coat and moved with drive.

Class 4 YD (0)

Class 5 GD (1) A

Class 6 PGD (1) Bartley. Atelib Playing the Star. Good head and teeth., ears a little wide, straight back with tail on top. Moved well , hard coat.

Class 7 LD (2) 1st Carlin and Gillot.  Lizandycris Line Me Up. My type of dog. Lovely head, big teeth. Good length of neck flowing into well placed shoulders. Short back and tail carried on top. Lovely hard coat and moved with drive. Pleased to give him BIS.

Class8 OD (2) A

Class 9 VD or B (2) 1A Rose. Jopeta Jorja On My Mind. Looking good, for her age. She enjoyed her day.

Class 10 SBD or B (0)

Class 11 MPB (4) 1A  Jasper.Clavelshay Christina. Just 6mths old. Nice head and shoulder. Tail on top and carried well on the move. Hard coat coming. Looking a little long in body at the moment but will improve as she grows and her coat comes.

Class 12 PB (5)  Burns. Burneze Copyright. Beautiful puppy. Lovely head with big teeth. Super shoulder, short back and tail on top. Hard coat , moved with drive. One to take home.

Class 13 JB (1) 1A

Class14 YB (2) 2A

Class 15 GB (4) 2A  Atelib Playtime Joy.Nice head and neck flowing into good shoulders. Short back, tail on top. Good hard coat and moved well.

Class 16 PGB (2)  Lilley and Milling.  Lilmill Bubble and Squeak. Good head set on sweeping neck with well placed shoulders. Short back , tail on top. Nice hock which gave drive on the move. Hard coat.

Class 17 LB (1)  Mealing. Reifrandies Muirne.Sweet bitch. Lovely head. Good shoulder with short back. Hard coat ,tail on top and moved with drive.

Class 18 OB (3) 1A  Foster .Thozow Sweet Pea. Lovely compact bitch. Super head, well placed shoulder short back, tail on top.  BB and BOS

Class 19 Brace (2) 1A   Bartley Atelib Playing the Star & Atelib Play Time Joy.


Suzanne MacBean