Open Show April 2015 – Show Report

APRIL 2015 OPEN SHOW held at Three Counties Showground, Malvern

Judge:  Ray Gaydon (Gilbri)   – 

West Highland White Terrier Club of Wales.


I would like to thank the Officers, Committee & exhibitors for the invitation & support today.

MPD (1.1a)

PD (2.1a) 1 MCNamee’s Son of Arnachy, 10 mth old 1st time out for this chap & his Exhibitor both seemed to enjoy their time in the ring.

JD (2) 1 Noyce’s Armadale’s Son of a Gun at Maxula, good head, nice eye& good bite well bodied with good rear angulation tail well set, moved with drive to & fro. Reserve Best Dog.

2 Jennings Comdale Johnny Junior, nice head good scissor bite, good shoulder in good coat showed well just preferred 1 on the day.

YD (2) 1 Noyce’s Armadale’s Son of a Gun at Maxula.

2 Hammett’s Hollowview Branagan, good head, ears & eyes, good shoulder with a nice short back, good coat, moved well both ways.

GD (3) 1 Noyce’s Armadale’s Son of a Gun at Maxula.

2 Bartley’s Playing The Star, strong body good expression dark eye moved & showed well.

3 Hammett’s Hollowview Branagan.

PGD (4.3a) 1 Carlin & Gillott’s Lizandycris Line Me Up, stood alone compact dog with good head strong body in good coat well presented moved well.

LD (3) 1 Strand’s Crinan Code Name Westlake, Have watched this dog from the ringside & was a pleasure to go over. Nice head & pleasing expression, straight front, compact, good coat with his tail bang on top moved well with drive. Pleased to award him BOS.

2 Corri’s Inverglen Lowe ‘n’ Behold,good head & expression balanced dog with short back & a good crisp jacket moved well to & fro.

3 Gales Bocans Bolt to Bellevue.

OD (2.1a) 1 Corri’s Inverglen Lord Of The Manor, strong masculine head with expression.Cobby dog with a short back with a good coat moved well both ways.

Vet D/B (2) 1 Mc Loughlin’s Ley Hey Living Legend ShCM,10 yr old dog masculine head, good white crisp jacket in good condition moved & showed well. BVIS

2 Rose’s Jopeta Jorga on my Mind, 8 yr old bitch good head, well balanced, good coat moved well around the ring.

MPB (5.1a) 1  Jenning’s Comdale Glamorous Gladys, a youngster with a nice head & good expression, coat coming through & all starting to come together nicely. Should have a bright future showed well.

2 Morton’s Swifton Sweet Surrender, pleasing head, correct scissor bite another youngster coming together, showed well.

3 Carlin & Gillott’s Lizandycris Thisle Do Nicely NAF

PB (5.1a) 1 Burn’s Burneze Geordie Girl, what a cracker, good head correct bite neat ears, good neck & shoulders short back & a good tail set, free stood draws your eye when she entered the ring. Moved with drive. BPIS.

2 Corri’s Frisbeck Flower Girl By Inverglen, nice head, neat ears, correct bite, good layback of shoulder with a level topline, well set tail in good coat moved well.

3 Noyce’s Maxula Sweet Serenade.

JB (2) 1 Griffiths Armadale’s Rosebud For Karamynd, one I’ve watched from the ringside & wasn’t disappointed when able to go over. A good head with a strong muzzle, correct bite & a good expression, nice neck & shoulder, well bodied, good coat & nice rear angulation & tail set. Moved well to & fro & around the ring. Was my pleasure to award BIS.

2 Burn’s Burneze Diamond Diva, good head, nice expression, correct bite good crisp white jacket well put down, showed well.

YB (3) 1 Griffiths Armadales Rosebud For Karamynd.

2 Rose’s Jopeta Just The One, nice head with correct bite,good shoulder with a good coat, level topline & a good tail set moved ok.

3 Bartley’s Atelib Moon Aura.

GB (3) 1 Griffiths Armadale’s Rosebud For Karamynd.

2 Easton’s Hopecharm Indy Stars Over Andjoliam, nice head with neat ears & a correct bite with good pigment, well presented moved well around the ring.

3 Bartley’s Atelib PlaytimeJoy.

PGB (3.1a)1 Lancaster’s Clanestar Careless Chimes, good head ,correct scissor bite, nice crisp harsh white coat, short back with a level topline, which kept on the move, good tail set, moved well.

2 Bacon’s Reifrandies Furzey At Cabon, good head & eye neat ears nice neck with a level top line, good coat well set tail moved with purpose & drive.

LB (6.3a) 1 Jennings Comdale Lovely Molly, nice compact bitch, good head with a great expression, nice deep chest, neck flowed into shoulder into a nice short coupled level topline.great coat in excellent condition, she kept her shape whilst going around the ring, nicely presented as always from this kennel. Pleased to make her my RBIS.

2 Hand’s Crinan Calista, good head, neck & shoulders nice short back with a level topline, harsh coat good tail set moved with drive & purpose.

OB (3.1a) Owen’s  Egremont Seventh Heaven great head with a nice dark eye,correct bite,good neck flowing into a short coupled level topline, nice tail set kept shape on the move, moved well around the ring.

2 Rose’s Jopeta Jorja On My Mind.

Brace (2.2a)

Special Beginners (3.1a) 1 Rowe & Summerhayes Queen Of Aroganah.

2 MCNamee’s Son Of Arnachy.

Judge Ray Gaydon. (Gilbri).