Open Show April 2012 – Show Report

April 28th 2012 – Held in conjunction with WELKS Ch. Show, Malvern

Judge:  Liz Cartledge (Ryslip) – JUDGES CRITIQUE:

What a good idea to hold an open breed club show in conjunction with an all breeds championship show that also classified the breed with CC’s.  I can only apologise for  keeping exhibitors waiting as before I could join the Westie fraternity, I had to judge a decent entry of Rhodesian Ridgebacks for WELKS.

It was the worst kind of cold, wet and miserable weather and quite understandably, a number of WHWT exhibitors had gone home.  I very much appreciated the invitation from the WHWT Club of Wales and should like to thank the exhibitors who remained to the bitter end.  Best in Show was Karamynd Play it Again;   Reserve Best in Show & BOS was Lilmill Give Me Your Answer Do;  Best Puppy Comdale Johnny Boy & Best Veteran Ashgate Scots Sagacity.

A very good entry  of 77 from 70 dogs on paper but decimated to approximately half that number actually present and judged.  Fronts and front movement were the most common faults, some low tail sets and a few that failed in showmanship  & terrier spirit, but if had been a long day and a long wait to make a second appearance in one day so it is a bit harsh to make this last comment.  My cheerful and most efficient steward helped to make the judging go with a swing.

MPD (5,2) –  1.  BP, Jennings’s Comdale Johnny Boy.  8 mths, lovely puppy, bright as a button, tail on top, masculine head, well pigmented, harsh white jacket, moved well out and back, excellent presentation, well bodied, promising.  2.  Lilley & Milling’s Lilmill Out N’About, 8 mths, short back, good coat.  A little long in foreface, moved well behind but needs to tighten up in front.  3.  West’s Tomlyndon Power of Love.

PD (2) – 1. Hayton’s Pedrohay Roberto, 11 mths, smart clean looking puppy, good jacket, masculine head, very well presented, moved ok behind but a bit lazy in front today.  2.  Windram’s Louie Conquistador, 10 ½ months, short back, good body, clean neckline, moved ok, mouth not 100%.

PGD (5,3) – Stock’s Lindenka Baxter, 5 years, would like to see him move with a bit more reach in front, pleasing head, good body and ribcage, well muscled quarters, well set tail, moved ok behind.  2. Anthony’s Rozamie Dream on with Charmedautum, also 5 years, up to size, lovely coat texture, cheerfula and positive after such a long wait.  Masculine head and out look, moved ok behind.  Tailset could be better.

LD (6,2) – 1.  West’s Tomlyndon Spoilt Rotten, 2 ½ yrs, excellent tailset and carriage, good head and eye, strong body, deep chest, moved and showed well, excellent presentation.  2.  Carlin and Gillott’s Lizandycris Out to Play, 2 ½ hrs, very hyped up in the company of other males so not really settled today.  Good reach of neck, harsh jacket, typical head, firm body  3.  Noyce’s Maxula Name Of The Game.

OD (6,2) – Small class of 2 but the best 2 males I had today.  1.  BD & BIS, Griffiths’s Karamynd Play It Again, 4 yrs, quality head, lovely reach of neck, sound assertive mover, excellent front movement not often seen today, shortest of backs, made the most of himself standing and moving, good depth of body  2.  Lewis’s Ch. Lynnsto Man About Town, 4 yrs, up to size, coat harsh and presented to absolute perfection, in lovely condition, all male head, good pigment, very well handled, clean neckline, fit body, moved with a purpose going away, just not as forthcoming coming towards me.  Two really good Westies.

V (3,2) –  1. BV, Thomson’s Ashgate Scots Sagacity, nearly 11 this young lady still has a good figure, reachy neck, feminine head, clearly enjoying her outing, showing very well.

MPB (7,4) – 1. Hooper’s Yorsar Betsy Ross, 7 mths, pretty little bitch, short back, neat head, good depth of body, moved with animation, delightful temperament. Coat still puppy soft and 1 should like a little more bone.  2.  Bradbury’s Petalam Positive Outcome, 7 mths, real baby, well fitting coat, lovely body, moved ok, short attention span, showmanship a bit on and off but she will learn!  3.  Bartley’s Pelham Lady of Heathbridge.

PB (5,3) – Noyce’s Maxula Box of Tricks, 10 mths, quality puppy in good coat and form, harsh jacket, pretty head, dark eyes giving you a piercing look, firm body, stong quarters, well presented and handled.  2.  Hayton’s Pedrohay Silver Magnolia, 11 mths, well bodied puppy, good coat texture, lacking a little in animation today & not going very well in front.

JB (5,3) – 1. Thomson’s Hillcloud Athena at Ashgate, 15 mths, quality head, keen expression, moved ok going round a bit half hearted with her tail carriage.  Needs to improve in front movement.  2. Anthony’s Charmedautum Heavenly Dream, also 15 mths, 1 preferred head and expression of winner, short back, not quite holding her topline on the move today, good coat and body.

YB (3,1) – 1. Harper’s Westigo Sheeza Delight, 13 mths, harsh well fitting jacket, good reach of neck, well laid shoulders, keen expression, moved quite well.

GB (4,3) – 1 Burn’s Burneze Plan Bea. 17 mths, big bitch with short  back, good coat body and quarters, attractive head, good depth, well presented and handled 2. Harper’s Westigo So Far So Good, 13 mths, feminine head, good topline, excellent coat texture, not using her tail to advantage  3. Windram’s Cochansa Dales Pride

PGB (3,1) – Stock’s Lindenka Apple Charlotte, 3 yrs, shapely bitch, feminine head, good outline and proportions, moved ok behind  2. Sweetzer’s Bellevue Wild At Heart, 22 mths, very stubborn today and wanting to do things her way.  Good neckline and depth of body, just not in the mood to co-operate fully

LB (8,4) – 1.  Thomson’s Ashgate Moonsie, 20 mths, typy youngster of good quality, I like her head and expression, reachy neck, well fitting jacket, moved and showed well 2. Mealing’s Reifrandies Mingay, 6 yrs, good honest bitch with all the essentials, steady showgirl, well presented and conditioned, good body and coat, used her neck to advantage, failed a little in front movement 3. Harper’s Westigo Precious Spirit.

OB (4,2) – 1. BB & RBIS Lilley & Milling’s Lilmill Give Me Your Answer  Do, 4 yrs, up to size for a bitch, but she is so well made and shapely, great coat texture, quality head, dark eyes, well laid shoulders, good reach of neck, excellent body and depth, lovely showgirl eager to please, sound moved 2.  Griffith’s Karamynd Make A Splash, steady showgirl, precise mover if not quite the drive of 1st, well proportioned, short back, good quarters.

BRACE (3,2)  Hayton’s brace of litter brother & sister, good likeness and they went well together for 2 puppies, excellent coats 2. Stock’s do g and bitch, front movement let them down a little

SPECIAL BEGINNERS (2) 1. Westigo’s Sheeze Delight 2. Charmedautum Heavenly Dream