Past Events and Results

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Open Show 19th March 2017

held at Failand Village Hall, Bristol

JUDGE:    Thomas Davison (Braxquin)

Best in Show:    Mrs L Minett’s Matheron Connex Again With Duskhunter

Reserve Best in Show & Best Opposite Sex:   Mrs S Thomson’s Fernsunrise Fairplay to Ashgate

Best Puppy in Show:   Mrs D Britten’s Krisma Jump Start

Best Veteran in Show:  Mrs S & Miss K Walden’s Kilmersdon Stanley of Taramount

Photos will be on the Photo Gallery soon

Full results:

Class 1 – Minor Puppy Dog – no entries

Class 2 – Puppy Dog – (3)   1st Krisma Jump Start  2nd  Atelib The General  3rd  Frisbeck Guitar Man

Class 3 – Junior Dog (2)  1st   Thozow Great Expectations for Taramount   2nd  Ashgate Ayton

Class 4 –  Yearling Dog (1)   1st  Thozow Great Expectations for Taramount

Class 5 – Graduate Dog – 0 entires

Class 6 – Post Graduate Dog (2)  1st  Atelib Playing The Star   2nd  Gelmoore Midwinter Magic at Fourastay

Class 7 – Limit Dog –   1st Fernsunrise Fairplay to Ashgate   2nd  Pryorvale Summer Knight

Class 8 – Open Dog – no entries

Class 9 – Veteran Dog or Bitch – (2,1)    1st Kilmersdoon Stanley af Taramount

Best Dog :   Fernsunrise Fairplay to Ashgate

Reserve Best Dog:  Pryorvale Summer Knight

Best Puppy Dog:  Krisma Jump Start

Class 10 – Special Beginners Dog or Bitch – no entries

Class 11 – Minor Puppy bitch – no entries

Class 12 – Puppy Bitch (3,2)   1st  Atelib Lady Aurelia  2nd   Woo Woo Schnapps

Class 13 – Junior Bitch (4,2)   1st  Lizandycris Misschieves at Fourstay   2nd  Andjoliam Appolonia

Class 14 – Yearling Bitch – no entries

Class 15 – Graduate Bitch (2,1)  1st  Westigo Flirty Gertie

Class 16 – Post Graduate Bitch (1)  1st  Pelham Lady of Heathbridge

Class 17 – Limit Bitch (2)  1st  Matheron Connex Again With Duskhunter  2nd  Hopecharm Indy Stars Over Andioliam

Class 18 – Open Bitch (4, 4)

Best Bitch – Matheron Connex Again with Duskhunter

Reserve Best Bitch – Westigo Flirty Girty

Best Puppy Bitch  – Atelib Lady Aurelia


I would like to thank the committee for the opportunity to judge at their show and for the exhibitors for allowing me judge their dogs.

Puppy Dog:

1st Britten’s Krisma Jump Start. A very nice 11 month old dog. Good Eye and Ear and good scissor bite. Strong domed skull with good stop, good neck leading into well laid back shoulders. Short coupled with good set on of tail. Good confident movement. Should mature into a good dog. BPIS

2nd Bartley’s Atelib the General, I did like this puppy, good domed skull with good ear and eye, lovely scissor bite, good neck leading to well laid back shoulders. Short coupled with good rear angulation and set on of tail. Lovely picture when stacked. Lost out to 1st on maturity and final presentation.

Junior Dog.

1st Walden’s Thozow Great expectations for Taramount. A dog that I have judged when younger. He is maturing nicely. Nice domed skull with good eye and ear, good scissor bite, good neck leading to well laid back shoulders. Short coupled, strong rear angulation. Good movement holding his top line on the move. Well presented with nice harsh coat.

2nd Thompson’s Ashgate Ayton, I did like this dog, good skull with nice eye and ear, scissor bite, well laid back shoulder, good set on of tail. Nice harsh coat but not as settled on the move as 1

Yearling Dog

1st Waldens Thozow Great expectations for Taramount

Post Graduate Dog

1st Bartley’s Atelib Playing the Star. Very strong dog. Good head with a nice scissor bite, good neck leading to well laid back shoulders. Short coupled with nice set on of tail. Good rear angulation. Very good movement holding his top line on the move. Lovely shape when stacked.

2nd Bradbury’s Gelmoore Midwinter Magic at Fourastay. A dog I have watched from the side line. Not as strong in head as 1st, he is a well-built dog with good front and rear angulation. Nice white coat of the correct texture.

Limit Dog

1st Thompson’s Fernsunrise Fairplay to Ashgate. I was surprised by this dog. He has a very pleasing dome skull with good stop, nice ear and eye with a strong scissor bite. Nice strong neck leading to well laid back shoulders. Short coupled with good set on of tail. Good harsh white coat. Very good movement today covering the ground effortlessly holding his top line on the move. BD, RBIS, BOS

2nd Pryorvale Summer Knight, a very nice dog, Lovely Strong dome skull with a good scissor bite, Tidy ear and lovely eye. Good front and rear angulation, short coupled with good set on of tail which is held proudly on the move. Movement not as good today as 1st.RBD

Veteran Dog.

1st Walden’s Kilmersdon. Nice strong eleven year old. Strong neck with good front and rear angulation. Short coupled with good set on of tail. Good movement. Well presented with a good white harsh coat. BVIS


Puppy Bitch.

1st Bartley’s Atelib Lady Aurelia, lovely little puppy, nice strong head with good stop, lovely eye and ear, Nice neck leading to good shoulders, nice set on of tail with good rear angulation. Short coupled, nice harsh coat. Good confident movement.

2nd Cotton’s Woo Woo Schnapps. Nice 9 month old puppy. Nice domed skull, good ear and eye, nice neck leading to good shoulders. Good set on of tail. Not as confident on the move as 1st.

Junior Bitch

1st Bradbury’s Lizandycris Misschieves at Fourastay, I have watched her mature. Pleasing head with a good scissor bite. Lovely eye and ear, Good neck leading to well laid back shoulders. Short coupled with good set on of tail. Good movement holding her tail on top. Good harsh white coat. Lovely shape when stacked.

2nd Eason’s Andjoliam Appolonia, I liked this Bitch, she has a strong head with a good scissor bite. Good front and rear angulation. Good movement but preferred the overall balance of 1st. I would also like to see less stretch when stacked.

Graduate Bitch

1st Harper’s Westigo Flirty Gertie, I would describe her as an honest Westie. Pleasing skull, lovely eye and ear, good scissor bite. Good front and rear angulation, good set on of tail. Good confident movement and tail carriage. Well presented with a nice harsh coat RBB

Post Graduate Bitch

1st Bartley’s Pelham Lady of Heathbridge. Really matured since the last time I saw her. Good Head with lovely Eye and ear. Short coupled with good set on of tail. Good movement really enjoying herself in the ring.

Limit Bitch

1st Minett’s Matheron Connex Again with Duskhunter. Well Balanced Bitch with a pleasing domed skull, strong scissor bite, good neck leading to well laid shoulders, Good deep chest Good set on of tail, excellent rear angulation allowing her to propel herself confidently around the ring. Good Tail carriage creating a nice outline on the move. Well presented with a nice harsh coat. BIS

2nd Hopecharm Indy stars over Andjoliam. A well presented Bitch. Pleasing head with a scissor bite, good front and rear angulation, short coupled, good movement and tail carriage. Carrying a little more weight than 1st 


Thomas Davison


20th August 2016 – HELD AT Royal Showground, Builth Wells

JUDGE   Karen Harper (Westigo)

I would like to thank all exhibitors and committee for such an enjoyable day

MPD-(1) Thomson’s Ashgate Ayton 9 mths, Excellent mouth, dark eye, well set ears, plenty of bone, needs to settle on the move. BPD

PD (0)

JD (1) Macbeans Pryorvale Summer Knight, Correct head, dark eye, correct ear placement, correct bite, plenty of bone, well muscled excellent rear angulation, nice outline, moved well.

YD (0)

GD(2) 1 Purchons Lindenka I’m Dexter, super correct head, dark eye, neat ears, correct mouth, right length of neck into well laid shoulder, correct depth of rib, plenty of bone and well muscled rear, tail on top, nice coat, moved well. Overall a well balanced dog. BD, RBIS, BOS.

 2 Bradbury’s Gelmore Midwinter Magic at Fourastay, nice head dark pigment, correct coat, moved ok.

PGD(1) Thomson’s Fernsunrise Fairplay to Ashgate, Good head, dark eye, nice outline, moved well.

LD (2) 1 Noyce,s Armadale’s son of a gun at Maxula, Correct mouth,  head and shoulders, good rear angulation, tail on top, right coat, moved with drive RBD.

2 Purchon’s Lindenka Donovan, same attributes as 1 but just preferred movement of 1 on the day.

OD (2) 1 Purchons Ch Lindenka Chesterman, lovely head, dark eye, correct shoulder placement, correct depth of rib, good rear angulation, tail on top.

2 Corri’s Inverglen Lowe’n’Behold, same attributes as 1 but different type, preferred outline of 1.

VD or B(2,1) Stock’s Lindenka Baxter. 9 years, nice head, good stop,well set ears, nice outline,good coat. Reluctant to move. BV

SpB D or B(3,3)

MPB (3) 1 Thomson’s Ashgate Birnie, Lovely puppy, super mouth, correct head, dark eye, neat ears, nice shoulder placement, nice rear angulation, tail on top. Gave her handler a hard time on the move.

2 West’s Match Macy’s pride at Tomlyndon(imp swe)NAF Same attributes as 1 but on the move a bit loose in front movement. Should tighten as she mature’s.

PB (5,3) 1 Stock’s Lindenka Vanilla Ice, loved this puppy, correct bite, dark eye, small well placed ears, nice neck and shoulder, straight front, nice shaped ribs, good strong muscular hindquarters, lovely coat coming through, tail on top, moved very well, great temperament, BP

2 Dunne’s Charosmack Cwick Magic, pretty bitch with good mouth, dark eye, neat ears, good rear angulation. Shame she was really upset by the Tannoy.

JB (3) 1 Burn’s Burneze Copyright, Lovely head and piercing expression, correct mouth, dark eye, neat ears, correct length of neck, correct shoulder placement, level topline, good rear angulation, tail on top, lovely white harsh coat. RBB

YB (2,1) 1 Burn’s Burneze Copyright.

GB (4,1) 1 Burn’s Burneze Copyright.

 2 Biscoe’s Circinus My Lucky Lady, Good head, straight front, nice outline, moved ok.

PGB (2)  Purchon’s Lindenka Apple Krumble, Good head, dark

 eye, correct mouth,

correct layback of shoulder, straight front, correct hindquarters,

 nice coat, moved well.

2 Corri’s Frisbeck Flower Girl By Inverglen. Same attributes as 1,

 close decision.

LB  (4) 1 Minett’s Matheron Connex Again with Duskhunter,

 Lovely bitch, Excellent head, dark eye, correct ear placement,

correct mouth, correct length of neck into good layback of

shoulder’s, straight front,deep chest, level back, lovely well

muscled well angulated hindquarters allowing her to move freely

and with drive fore and aft. tail on top and a harsh coat. BB. B.I.S

2 Lancaster’s Clanestar CarelessChimes, correct head and

 pigment, correct ear set, nice layback of shoulder’s, straight front,

not as good in hindquarters as 1.






 Open Show 24th April 2016

held at Three Counties Showground, Malvern

Judge:  Suzanne Macbean (Pryorvale)

Best in Show:  Carlin & Gillott’s Lizandycris Line Me Up

Reserve Best in Show:  Foster’s Hillsted Masquerade at Thowzow

Best Opposite Sex:  Foster’s Thozow Sweet Pea

Best Puppy in Show:  Burns’s Burneze Copyright


Judges Critique:

My thanks to the committee for making me feel  welcome and the exhibitors for entering.

Class 1 MPD (0)

Class 2 PD (0)

Class 3 JD(2)Foster,Hillstead Masquerade at Thozow. Nice young dog, strong head with big teeth, Good stop and ear placement. Neck flowing into well placed shoulders.Tail on top.Hard coat and moved with drive.

Class 4 YD (0)

Class 5 GD (1) A

Class 6 PGD (1) Bartley. Atelib Playing the Star. Good head and teeth., ears a little wide, straight back with tail on top. Moved well , hard coat.

Class 7 LD (2) 1st Carlin and Gillot.  Lizandycris Line Me Up. My type of dog. Lovely head, big teeth. Good length of neck flowing into well placed shoulders. Short back and tail carried on top. Lovely hard coat and moved with drive. Pleased to give him BIS.

Class8 OD (2) A

Class 9 VD or B (2) 1A Rose. Jopeta Jorja On My Mind. Looking good, for her age. She enjoyed her day.

Class 10 SBD or B (0)

Class 11 MPB (4) 1A  Jasper.Clavelshay Christina. Just 6mths old. Nice head and shoulder. Tail on top and carried well on the move. Hard coat coming. Looking a little long in body at the moment but will improve as she grows and her coat comes.

Class 12 PB (5)  Burns. Burneze Copyright. Beautiful puppy. Lovely head with big teeth. Super shoulder, short back and tail on top. Hard coat , moved with drive. One to take home.

Class 13 JB (1) 1A

Class14 YB (2) 2A

Class 15 GB (4) 2A  Atelib Playtime Joy.Nice head and neck flowing into good shoulders. Short back, tail on top. Good hard coat and moved well.

Class 16 PGB (2)  Lilley and Milling.  Lilmill Bubble and Squeak. Good head set on sweeping neck with well placed shoulders. Short back , tail on top. Nice hock which gave drive on the move. Hard coat.

Class 17 LB (1)  Mealing. Reifrandies Muirne.Sweet bitch. Lovely head. Good shoulder with short back. Hard coat ,tail on top and moved with drive.

Class 18 OB (3) 1A  Foster .Thozow Sweet Pea. Lovely compact bitch. Super head, well placed shoulder short back, tail on top.  BB and BOS

Class 19 Brace (2) 1A   Bartley Atelib Playing the Star & Atelib Play Time Joy.


Suzanne MacBean

West Highland White Terrier Club Of Wales

Open Show 22nd August 2015

Judge Tony Lilley



My thanks to the Club, the hardworking committee, and the members who gave me their entries, and for giving me the opportunity to judge their dogs.



Minor Puppy Dog  (2/2)


1st  Lindenka Dexter , masculine head correct bite with good sized teeth.  Strong boned. Moved well and good presentation .

2nd Fernsunrise Fairplay to Ashgate, Lovely young pup just 6 months, nice coat, good head and mouth, a little shy but should do well.


Puppy Dog (1/1)


1st Hillsted Masquerade At Thozow, avery showy puppy with excellent movement, masculine head, short muzzle good sized teeth with a correct bite, straight front, good shoulders giving him a good reach of neck , nice pigment, needed a bit more coat . BPIS


Junior Dog (0/0)

Yearling Dog (0/0)

Graduate Dog (0/0)


Post Graduate Dog (2/2)

1st Lindenka Chesterman, Lovely head great teeth good coat, good bone with good muscle tone, moved with real drive in the dog line up. RBIS


2nd Refrandies Espirt D’Amour, Very eager young man good coat needs to settle on the move.



Limit Dog (2/1)


1st Leyhey Latest Legend, good sized head , nice bone he enjoyed himself  and moved well coat needs attention.


Open Dog (1/1)

1st Lindenka Donovan, good head and mouth, lovely expression, good coat moved well.


Veteran Dog Or Bitch (4/3)


1st LeyHey Living Legend, so good to see a 10yr oldin great shape and health , whitest of coats  presented well ,lovely head and good  bone , very nice shoulder, moved with drive and excitement . BVIS


2nd Drumsheugh True Grit, good head and coat ,coby in type not so confident on the move .

3rd Lindenka Baxter


Special Beginners Dog Or Bitch (1/1)

1stRefrandies Espirt D’Amour, Very eager young man good coat needs to settle on the move.



Minor Puppy Bitch (2/1)

1st Lindenka Apple Krymble, a very feminine bitch great teeth and mouth, nice coat moved well BPB.


Puppy Bitch (1/1)

1st Swifton Sweet Surrender, lovely feminine bitch good head and teeth, needed more coat for balance, moved well, needs time.


Junior Bitch (1/0)

Yearling Bitch (0/0)


Graduate Bitch (1/1)

1st Crinan Carousel, Good head and mouth, very nice  straight front, well laid back shoulder, good bone moved well.


Post Graduate Bitch (1/1)

1st Lovall look Here Leyhey, lovely compact bitch short coupled, good bone, nice head and mouth.


Limit Bitch 3absent


Open Bitch (3/2)

1st Crinan Calista, A beautifully compact bitch, great head and mouth.  Short coupled, level top line, nice straight front, with free movement and didn’t stop showing.  I have had the delight to give her BIS for the second time this year but with two different handlers.   I am glad she didn’t slip though my fingers!  Regardless of the handler, her quality shines through.


2nd Swifdon Stormy Days, another lovely bitch good head and mouth with correct scissor bite, nice straight front and well laid back shoulders, but less confident on the move than 1.


AUGST 2015 OPEN SHOW results

Judge:  Tony  Lilley (Lilmill)

Class 1 – Minor Puppy Dog –  2 (2)   1st  Purchon’s Lindenka Baxter  2nd Fernsunrise Fairplay to Ashgate

Class 2 – Puppy Dog  1 (1)  1st  Foster’s Hillsted Masquerade at Thorzow

Class 3 – Junior Dog – 0 entries

Class 4 – Yearling Dog – 0 entries

Class 5 – Graduate Dog – 0 entries

Class 6 – Post Graduate Dog – 2 (2)  1st Purchon’s Lindenka Chesterman  2nd  Coles’s Refrandies Esprit D’Amour

Class 7 – Limit Dog – 2 (1)  1st  McLoughlin’s Leyhey Latest Legend

Class 8 – Open Dog 1 (1)  1st  Purchon’s Lindenka Donovan

Class 9 – Veteran Dog or Bitch 4 (3)  1st  McLoughlin’s Living Legend  2nd Tullis’s Drumsheugh True Grit   3rd  Purchon’s Lindenka Baxter

Class 10 – Special Beginners Dog or Bitch  1 (1)   Cole’s Reifrandies Espirit D’Amour

Best Dog – Lindenka  Chesterman

Reserve Best Dog – Hillsted Masquerade at Thozow

Best Puppy Dog – Hillsted Masquerade at Thozow

Class 11 – Minor Puppy Bitch 2 (1)  Purchon’s Lindenka Apple Krymble

Class 12  Puppy Bitch  1 (1)  Morton’s Swifdon Sweet Surrender

Class 13 – Junior Bitch  1 (0)

Class 14 – Yearling Bitch 0 entries

Class 15 – Graduate Bitch 1 (1)  Strand & Hand’s Crinan Carousel

Class 16 – Post Graduate Bitch 1 (1)  McLoughlin Llovall Look Here Leyhey

Class 17 – Limit Bitch 3 (0)

Class 18 – Open Bitch 3 (2)  1st  Hand’s Crinan Calista   2nd  Morton’s Swifdon Stormy Days

Class 19 – Brace  2 (0)

Best Bitch  Crinan Calista

Reserve Best Bitch –   Strand & Hand’s Crinan Carousel

Best Puppy Bitch – Lindenka Apply Krymble


BEST IN SHOW  –  Crinan Calista

Reserve Best on Show & Best Opposite Sex – Lindenka Chesterman

Best Puppy in Show –  Hillsted Masquerade at Thozow

Best Veteran in Show – Leyhey Living Legend





APRIL 2015 OPEN SHOW held at Three Counties Showground, Malvern

Judge:  Ray Gaydon (Gilbri)   – 

West Highland White Terrier Club of Wales.


I would like to thank the Officers, Committee & exhibitors for the invitation & support today.

MPD (1.1a)

PD (2.1a) 1 MCNamee’s Son of Arnachy, 10 mth old 1st time out for this chap & his Exhibitor both seemed to enjoy their time in the ring.

JD (2) 1 Noyce’s Armadale’s Son of a Gun at Maxula, good head, nice eye& good bite well bodied with good rear angulation tail well set, moved with drive to & fro. Reserve Best Dog.

2 Jennings Comdale Johnny Junior, nice head good scissor bite, good shoulder in good coat showed well just preferred 1 on the day.

YD (2) 1 Noyce’s Armadale’s Son of a Gun at Maxula.

2 Hammett’s Hollowview Branagan, good head, ears & eyes, good shoulder with a nice short back, good coat, moved well both ways.

GD (3) 1 Noyce’s Armadale’s Son of a Gun at Maxula.

2 Bartley’s Playing The Star, strong body good expression dark eye moved & showed well.

3 Hammett’s Hollowview Branagan.

PGD (4.3a) 1 Carlin & Gillott’s Lizandycris Line Me Up, stood alone compact dog with good head strong body in good coat well presented moved well.

LD (3) 1 Strand’s Crinan Code Name Westlake, Have watched this dog from the ringside & was a pleasure to go over. Nice head & pleasing expression, straight front, compact, good coat with his tail bang on top moved well with drive. Pleased to award him BOS.

2 Corri’s Inverglen Lowe ‘n’ Behold,good head & expression balanced dog with short back & a good crisp jacket moved well to & fro.

3 Gales Bocans Bolt to Bellevue.

OD (2.1a) 1 Corri’s Inverglen Lord Of The Manor, strong masculine head with expression.Cobby dog with a short back with a good coat moved well both ways.

Vet D/B (2) 1 Mc Loughlin’s Ley Hey Living Legend ShCM,10 yr old dog masculine head, good white crisp jacket in good condition moved & showed well. BVIS

2 Rose’s Jopeta Jorga on my Mind, 8 yr old bitch good head, well balanced, good coat moved well around the ring.

MPB (5.1a) 1  Jenning’s Comdale Glamorous Gladys, a youngster with a nice head & good expression, coat coming through & all starting to come together nicely. Should have a bright future showed well.

2 Morton’s Swifton Sweet Surrender, pleasing head, correct scissor bite another youngster coming together, showed well.

3 Carlin & Gillott’s Lizandycris Thisle Do Nicely NAF

PB (5.1a) 1 Burn’s Burneze Geordie Girl, what a cracker, good head correct bite neat ears, good neck & shoulders short back & a good tail set, free stood draws your eye when she entered the ring. Moved with drive. BPIS.

2 Corri’s Frisbeck Flower Girl By Inverglen, nice head, neat ears, correct bite, good layback of shoulder with a level topline, well set tail in good coat moved well.

3 Noyce’s Maxula Sweet Serenade.

JB (2) 1 Griffiths Armadale’s Rosebud For Karamynd, one I’ve watched from the ringside & wasn’t disappointed when able to go over. A good head with a strong muzzle, correct bite & a good expression, nice neck & shoulder, well bodied, good coat & nice rear angulation & tail set. Moved well to & fro & around the ring. Was my pleasure to award BIS.

2 Burn’s Burneze Diamond Diva, good head, nice expression, correct bite good crisp white jacket well put down, showed well.

YB (3) 1 Griffiths Armadales Rosebud For Karamynd.

2 Rose’s Jopeta Just The One, nice head with correct bite,good shoulder with a good coat, level topline & a good tail set moved ok.

3 Bartley’s Atelib Moon Aura.

GB (3) 1 Griffiths Armadale’s Rosebud For Karamynd.

2 Easton’s Hopecharm Indy Stars Over Andjoliam, nice head with neat ears & a correct bite with good pigment, well presented moved well around the ring.

3 Bartley’s Atelib PlaytimeJoy.

PGB (3.1a)1 Lancaster’s Clanestar Careless Chimes, good head ,correct scissor bite, nice crisp harsh white coat, short back with a level topline, which kept on the move, good tail set, moved well.

2 Bacon’s Reifrandies Furzey At Cabon, good head & eye neat ears nice neck with a level top line, good coat well set tail moved with purpose & drive.

LB (6.3a) 1 Jennings Comdale Lovely Molly, nice compact bitch, good head with a great expression, nice deep chest, neck flowed into shoulder into a nice short coupled level topline.great coat in excellent condition, she kept her shape whilst going around the ring, nicely presented as always from this kennel. Pleased to make her my RBIS.

2 Hand’s Crinan Calista, good head, neck & shoulders nice short back with a level topline, harsh coat good tail set moved with drive & purpose.

OB (3.1a) Owen’s  Egremont Seventh Heaven great head with a nice dark eye,correct bite,good neck flowing into a short coupled level topline, nice tail set kept shape on the move, moved well around the ring.

2 Rose’s Jopeta Jorja On My Mind.

Brace (2.2a)

Special Beginners (3.1a) 1 Rowe & Summerhayes Queen Of Aroganah.

2 MCNamee’s Son Of Arnachy.


Judge Ray Gaydon. (Gilbri).







OCTOBER 2014 OPEN SHOW held with SWKA Ch. Show, Builth Wells

Judge:  Neil Straw 



Thank you to the Officer’s & Committee for their kind invitation to judge at their


Open Show and the exhibitor’s for their entries and to ,my steward who kept things


running smoothly.


PD (2-1ab) 1 & BPD, Bradbury’s Gelmoore Midwinter Magic, 10 mths, bal skull,


gd ear set & pigment, ample bone, level topline & gd tail set, harsh jacket moved


freely at present just a little loose in front but should improve with maturity


YD (1) 1 Coles Reifrandies Esprit D’Amour, clean head, neat ears, dark eye, well


ribbed to firm loin, gd tail set, well presented jacket, well padded feet, moved out




PGD (1) McLoughlin’s Ley Hey Latest Legend, well bal head, gd pigment,


ample bone, ribs carried well back, level topline & gd tail set, coat of gd texture,


used his quarters well on the move


LD (1) 1 & RBD, Strand’s Crinan Code Name Westlake, smart d of gd breed type,


well set ears, gd muzzle & bite, neat front assembly, level topline & gd tail set, well


padded feet, well presented harsh jacket, moved well fore & aft


OD (1) 1, BD, BOS & RBIS, Hughes Brychdyn Diamond Geezer, another d of gd


breed type, masculine & well balanced throughout, clean in skull, dark eye & correct


bite, lovely front, good run-in & layback, correct tail set, very sound quarters used


well on the move gave a gd profile at all times,


VD/B (2) 1 & BVIS, McLoughlin’s Ley Hey Living Legend, 9 yrs young but showed


with verve, bal head, gd pigment & front assembly, well ribbed, level topline,


harsh jacket, moved out well fore & aft, 2 Stock’s Lindenka Baxter, 7yrs young,


another well bal d, well proportioned head, gd pigment & bone, held his


topline on the move, well padded feet, not the sparkle of 1 today


MPB (2), 1 BPB, BPIS & BIS, Minett’s Matheron Connext Again With Duskhunter,


the star of the day, cracking pup, what a show girl, came into the ring as though she


had been doing it for years, so well bal, lovely head, excellent ear set, v gd


pigment, gd muzzle correct bite with gd sized teeth, super run-in & layback,


level topline & gd tail set, lovely harsh coat, a joy to watch on the move, should


have a bright future, shall follow her progress, 2 McBean’s Pryorvale Love Me Do,


another lovely pup & will probably swap places another day, lovely head, ear set &


pigment, ample bone, well ribbed, excellent topline & tail set, sound quarters, moved


soundly fore & aft just not the verve of 1on the day


PB (3-1 ab) 1 Stock’s Lindenka Treacle Toffee, well presented pup, well proportioned


in head, dark well shaped eye, gd muzzle & bite, well off for bone, gd neck &


shoulders, level topline & gd tail set, well padded feet, well presented jacket, moved


out well, 2, Dunne & Howden’s Charosmack Cracking Ice, balanced in head, neat


front, well ribbed & level topline & firm loin, gd tail set, showed okay just as settled


as 1


JB (3) 1 McBean’s Pryorvale Whisper, lovely feminine head, well set ears, gd


pigment & neat in front, gd neck & shoulders, short level back, well made quarters


used well on the move, coat of gd texture & well presented, 2 Lancaster’s Clanstar


Careless Chimes, clean skull, gd stop & muzzle, straight front, well ribbed, level


topline & gd tail set, moved freely just lacked the verve of 1, 3, Rose’s Jopeta Just


The One


YB (2-1ab) 1, Bacon’s Reifrandies Furzey At Cabon, gd head, ears & muzzle,


ample bone, ribs carried well back, firm loin & gd tail set, well padded feet, moved




PGB (5-1ab) 1 & RBB, Hand’s Crinan Calista, lovely feminine b of gd breed type,


well balanced skull, dark eye, gd muzzle & bite, well off for bone, gd neck &


shoulders, level topline & gd tail set, harsh jacket well presented, moved well fore


& aft, just beginning to tire on the final run-off, 2, Rose’s Jopeta Kute Krystal, clean


in skull, dark eye & gd muzzle, straight front, well ribbed & level topline, well


presented, just prefered the overall balance of 1, 3, Mcloughlin’s Llovall Look Here


Ley Hey


LB (6) 1, Hand’s Crinan Calista, 2, Morton’s Swifdon Stormy Days, well bal


overall, well set ears, gd muzzle & bite, ample bone, level topline & gd tail set,


compact b, moved soundly but not the verve of 1 today, 3, Minett’s Matheron For’n


Affair With Duskhunter


OB (2-1ab) 1 Rose’s Jopeta Jorja On My Mind, attractive head, neat well set ears,


gd pigment, straight front, ribs carried well back, short level topline & gd tail set,


harsh jacket, moved well fore & aft


BRACE 1 Stock’s Lindenka Baxter & Lindenka Apple Charlotte, well matched in size


& moved unison together


Special Beginners 1 Dunne & Howden’s Charosmack Crackling Ice



Neil Straw (Shaolin)











APRIL 25th 2014 – Open Show held with WELKS Ch. Show. Malvern

Judge:   David Milling (Lilmill)


My thanks to The Club for the invitation to judge this show, to their hard working committee, to my stewards, and to all those who stayed after the championship show judging to exhibit under me, on a day when the weather could only be described as being good for ducks!


MPD: (1 entry)


1.         Mr F & Mrs E Hammett’s Hollowview Branagan.  Good head, dark

eyes, dark pigment.  Clean shoulders, short coupled.  Harsh coat coming in well.  Lacked confidence on the move.


PD: (4 entries)


1.         Mrs J.E. & Miss J.E. Carlin & Gillott’s Lizandycris Line Me Up. RBD & BPD.

Nice puppy, with a strong head, dark eyes, correct scissor bite with good sized teeth.  Well laid back shoulders, straight front.  Correct harsh coat. Moved well, holding his profile.


2.         Mr A.I & Mrs E. Hughes Brychdyn Whatnot

Another lovely puppy.  Good strong head, correct bite with large teeth.  Well laid back shoulders, nicely balanced and short coupled.


JD: (2 entries)


1.         Mrs P Coles Reifrandies Esprit D’Amour

Correct bite.  Neat ears, dark pigment.  Nice outline with good rear angulation.

Harsh coat.  Moved with drive


2.         Mrs E & Mr M Bartley’s Davot Chief Whip at Atelib

Masculine head, straight front with well laid back shoulders, correct harsh coat, and well presented.  Moved soundly.


GD: (1 entry)


1.         Mr G.C. & Mrs C.E. Windram’s Leonardo Ventura

Bigger in type.  Masculine head, good size of teeth. Good laid back shoulders.

PGD: (1 entry, 1 Absent)


LD: (2 entries)


1.         Mrs S Thomson’s Ashgate US Apollo BD & BIS

Masculine head, correct scissor bite, neat ears with dark pigment.

Good reach of neck into well laid back shoulders. Correct harsh coat.

Moved with enthusiasm, even taking his handler by surprise!


2.         Mrs A & Mr T.A.W. Stock’s Lindenka Baxter

Good head, neat ears with dark pigment, correct harsh coat,

A little reluctant on the move.



OD: (1 entry, 1 absent)


VD or B: (1 entry, 1 absent)


MPB: (2 entries, 1 Absent)


1.         Mrs S MacBean’s Pryorvale Whisper

A lovely feminine puppy.  Good head, correct scissor bite.  Well laid back shoulders, nice straight front, well angulated rear assembly.  Moved well.


PB: (4 entries, 1 Absent)


1.         Mr S & Mrs D. Jennings Comdale Lovely Molly PB & BPIS

A lovely puppy maturing nicely, very balanced and beautifully presented.

Feminine head, neat ears, dark eyes.   Good reach of neck flowing into well

laid back shoulders, short coupled, carrying her tail on top.  Moved soundly

and with drive.

2.         Mr P.W. Eason’s Hopecharm Indy Stars Over Andjoliam

Not the maturity of 1, but a pretty puppy, feminine head, neat ears.

Good coat texture, and a lovely short tail.


JB: (2 entries, 2 Absent)


YB: (1 entry)


1.         Mrs J. Hunt’s Kellethrigg Lucky Charm

Good head with correct scissor bite. Straight front, good shoulders.

Correct harsh coat.  A little reluctant on the move today.


GB: (3 entries, 1 Absent)


1.         Mrs L Minett’s Matheron For’n Affair with Duskhunter.  RBB

A lovely compact bitch.  Feminine head and expression.

Correct scissor bite. Nice profile, well laid back shoulders and straight front.

Well angulated rear construction, moved with drive.


2.         Mr G.C. & Mrs C.E. Windram’s Carlola Showgirl

A larger bitch than 1.  Good head. Moved ok, and was enjoying her day out.


PGB: (2 entries, 1 Absent)


1.         Mrs A & Mr T.A.W. Stock’s Lindenka Apple Charlotte

Feminine head, correct bite, neat ears with dark pigment. well laid back shoulders, correct harsh coat.  Moved ok.


LB: (2 entries, 1 Absent)


1.         Mrs J Hunt’s Kellethrigg Serenade Girl

Bigger in type, but balanced.  Correct scissor bite, dark eyes, good pigment.

Moved ok.


OB: (4 entries, 2 Absent)


1.         Mrs C.M. Morton’s Swifton Stormy Days  BB & RBIS & BOS

Presented beautifully and in good coat.  Lovely feminine head and expression, correct bite, dark eyes, neat ears, good pigmentation.  Good reach of neck into well laid back shoulders, tail bang on top.  Good rear angulation. Beautifully balanced.  Moved well.


2.         Mr S & Mrs D. Jennings Comdale Charlie Girl

Another quality bitch.  Good head with feminine expression.  Neat ears, correct scissor bite.  Well laid back shoulders, straight front.  Moved well.


Special Beginners – Dog or Bitch:  (1 entry)


1.         Mr F & Mrs E Hammett’s Hollowview Branagan.





David Milling (Lilmill)



OCTOBER 13th 2013 – Open Show held in conjunction with SWKA Ch. Show, Builth Wells.

Judge:  Julie Steemson (Bocans)


The Welsh West Highland White Terrier Club Open Show 13th October 2013

Judge Ms Julie Steemson

Firstly I like to say thank you very much to all the people that entered under me . I feel im lucky to have  gone over a small entry of top quality dogs not only having lovely construction generally  but beautiful heads as well .

Minor puppy dog 2 ent :

1st Maxula power of dreams , very raw , lovely head , nice mouth , good pigment , well laid shoulder , tail set on top , quite showy , moved true .

2nd Reifrandes spirit damour , a stronger puppy than 1st more bone , lovely head , nice mouth , good double coat , well presented , nice shoulder , unsettled on the move and when stacked , should do well , needs time to adjust to the ring .

Puppy dog 2 ent ; 1st Coleys kingsview warwick , lovely strong masculine head ,nice mouth , good pigment , well laid shoulder , held his top line on the move , tail set on top and carried well , very showy , moved true coming and going . Best puppy dog .

2nd Krisma line dancer at lilmill , hasn’t the strength in head or bone as 1st , nice mouth and super coat , well presented and showy but preffered  the movement coming and going of my 1st .

Post graduate dog ; Lindenka baxter , nice head, scissor bite , held his top line on the move , carried his tail , moved well .

Limit dog ; Brychdyn diamond geezer , Really liked him , super head and expression , lovely mouth , well laid shoulder , held his topline on the move , short tail right up on top , double coat , moved well .B.O.S , R.B.I.S .

Puppy bitch ,2 ent ; 1st Karamynd so what at kingsview , Nice head and bite , really used her ears , so alert , nice lay back , held her topline super tail set and carriage , double coat , well presented , moved well , drive behind , a very showy lovely baby and she knows it . Best puppy .

2nd Matheron for n  affair with duskhunter , Another quality  puppy,  lovely head and mouth , super deep double well presented jacket , nice layback , tail carriage ok , just lost out on rear movement and had lost her sparkle .

Yearling bitch ; Crinan calista , a lovely bitch to go over , lovely head and expression , good mouth , well placed ears , good layback of shoulder , held her top line when moving  , short tail , set well and carried up on top , moved true coming and going , double coat would have liked a tighter jacket .

2nd Reifrandes muirine , Nice head , good mouth , double coat , short tail , deep double jacket that needs some TLC , didn’t move as well as my 1st today .

Graduate bitch ,1st  Crinan calista .

Post graduate bitch , 1st Lindenka apple charlotte , nice head,  good mouth ,nice shoulder ,  held her top line and carried her tail , moves true enough , does whats asked of her but nothing more .

Limit bitch , 1st Krisma asking for trouble at Karamynd ,super quality bitch head to toe , lovely head and expression used her ears , good mouth ,well laid shoulder , held her top line , tail set and carried up on top , deep double jacket that was immaculately presented , moved true coming and going with drive behind .A real show girl .Best of breed .

I found out later that this is the mother of my best puppy , what a quality pair of show girls.



APRIL 28th 2013 – Open Show held in conjunction with WELKS Ch. Show, Malvern

Judge:  Peter Hayton (Pedrohay)

Minor Puppy Dog – 2 (1)


Good head and ear placement, neck line to shoulder nice curve, and along back to tail just off top, some hair reduction off back at the rear would enhance tail set and rear. General trimming to advantage would help. This dog would benefit from the minimum of hair trimming till it grows again. ,


Puppy Dog – 2 (2)


Junior Dog – 5 (2)


Head shape very good, ear placement as required, bright eyed with correct muzzle and varminty expression, enhanced by very good presentation.  Neck line sweeping down and gentle curve onto shoulder to a correct length of back.  Tail set on top and of correct length. Shoulder placement extremely good.

  1. Carlin & Gillott’s LIZANDYCHRIS CHECK ME OUT

Slightly shorter in length than 1 but in good coat and all the attributes that we expect.  The deciding factor here was movement in the ring, a little extra drive and the placing could have been reversed.



Yearling Dog – 1 (0)


Head, eyes, teeth all acceptable, ear set a fraction low. Shoulders and back good, tail apt to go proud when on the move.


Graduate Dog – 4 (4)


Post Graduate Dog 4 (4)

  1. Thomson’s ASHGATE US APOLLO

Head good, muzzle correct length, with bright eyes and good ear placement. Good neck to shoulder curve and along to correct length of back to tail on top.  Shoulder placement correct.  Stifle and hock well balanced with drive on the move. Well presented.    BD & BOS.


Good head and ear placement with good sweeping line down neck to shoulder and across back to tail on top.  Shoulder line down leg to floor slightly forward but overall well presented. Drive at rear not as forceful as 1.



Limit Dog – 1


Good head and muzzle, eyes bright with a varminty expression.  Ear placement correct, shoulders correct giving a good straight front.  Back of correct length and tail on top.  Moved with a positive drive and was constantly visually in touch with the handler.  RBD


Open Dog – No entries.


Veteran Dog or Bitch – 4 (1)


One young handler in the presence of an experienced show dog, leads to a very good presentation, congratulations to both, and the teacher.    This 8 year old Bitch is in extremely good condition, with a very harsh coat which was presented to advantage.  Head as the breed required, good front and shoulders, lovely neck to shoulder and onto a gentle sweep along to correct length of back and tail on top.  Stifle and hock free moving giving good drive on the move.


Very close in attributes to 1, but on the day had a slight dip in back on the move that made the decision on placement that I made.

  1. McLoughlin’s  LEY HEY LIVING LEGEND


Minor Puppy Bitch – 2 (1)


Just maturing and a little timid on the day, but all the requirements of the breed are in place, coat beginning to come through.   Well presented.


Puppy Bitch – 3


This bitch was presented almost to perfection.   Size and balance, head, ears, eyes, stop, teeth all as expected.  Good sweep down neck to shoulder and onward to a correct length of back to tail on top. Shoulder placement to legs gave a really good straight front. Good powerful free movement of the rear.   BPIS


Small in stature but all points in place, with a good coat.  Moved with drive when encouraged to traverse the ring faster.  Well presented.



Junior Bitch – 6 (1)


This compact bitch had everything that I liked, good head, shoulders to a good front and a neck line onto shoulder and back, and tail on top.  Handler and dog as one with each other on the move.   RBB & RBIS


Slightly larger than 1 but all the attributes of the breed. Top line not as level  and coat a little flyaway.  Not as happy on the move.  but well done.



Yearling Bitch  – 2 (1)


Good head and ear placement and a glint in the eyes.  Muzzle slightly long but in general well proportioned.  Good neck to shoulder line and good back to tail on top.  Front placement ok but attention to front leg trim would give a more smoother straight front.  Moved well.


Graduate Bitch – 1 (1)


Post Graduate Bitch – 3 (1)


Head, eyes, muzzle, teeth all correct, ears a fraction low but not out of proportion. Neck line into shoulder and across back to tail on top.   Rear end moved with more drive when encouraged handler to move a little faster.


Did not like being in the ring today.  All breed requirements are in place but better  presentation would be an asset.


Limit Bitch  – 4 (2)


When I went over this bitch I realised that it had all the attributes of the breed standard, and a pleasure  to see her on the move.   BB & BIS


Not happy on the move, needed encouragement to walk.  Presentation review may also help.


Open Bitch – 3 (1)

1.   Lehtonen & Hotanan’s INT.SWE.FIN.EST.CH WHO’S HOT AND WHO’S COLD

Well presented in coat and moved very positively – striding out.  Good head, teeth, eyes, and ears, good sweep of neck to back and tail just on top.  Straight front  slightly forward.  Well done to both dog and handler


Slightly smaller dog than 1 and was not as free in movement as 1.




On their own in this class but the pair held it together in harmony and unison, traversing tight turns and only swapping sides at the very finish.  Well done.


Special Beginners Dog or Bitch – 6 (3)


Confident and was in control.


A bit jumpy today, needed to settle, time will tell.




Peter Hayton

 Full set of photos will soon appear on the Photo Gallery….




OCTOBER 13th 2012 – Open Show held in conjunction with SWKA Ch. Show, Builth Wells

Judge:  Jane Lilley (Kensing)


Class 1 – Minor Puppy Dog – 1.Squire’s Kimgarwyn Defender  2.  Ashgate Gleouraicy  3.  Corrie’s Inverglen Lowe ‘n’ Behold

Class 2 – Puppy Dog – 1. Carlin & Gillott’s Lizandycris Check me Out

Class 3 – Junior Dog – 1.  Jenning’s Comdale Johnny boy 2.  Hughes’s Brychdyn Diamond Geezer

Class 4 – Yearling Dog –  1.  Hayton’s Pedroyhay Roberto

Class 5 – Graduate Dog – NO ENTRIES

Class 6 – Post Graduate Dog – 1. Corrie’s Inverglen Lord of the Manor 2.  Stock’s Lindenka Baxter

Class 7 – Limit Dog – 1.  Thomson’s Ashgate McKenzie

Class 8 – Open Dog – 1.  Morton’s Ir. Ch. Havasu Hey Dude for Swifdon

Class 9 – Veteran Dog or Bitch – 1. Davison’s Antonia Apple Pie at Braxquin

BEST DOG AND BEST PUPPY DOG:  Squire’s Kimgarwyn Defender

Class 10 – Minor Puppy Bitch – No Entries

Class 11 – Puppy Bitch – 1.Morton’s Brychdyn Carrie on Swifdon 2. Mealing’s Reifrandies Muirne 3. Lancaster’s Clanestar Cloud Chaser 4. Gaydon’s Gilbri Christmas Angel 5.  Lewis’s Bellevue Daydream at Leodhas

Class 12 – Junior Bitch – 1. Hooper’s Yorsar Betsy Ross 2.  Gilbri’s Bellevue Wanna Be at Gilbri 3. Dunne’s Hillcloud Ice Flake at Charosmack 4. Chamber’s Circius Twinkle Star 5. Bartley’s Pelham Lady of Heathbridge

Class 13 – Yearling Bitch – 1. Hayton’s Pedrohay Silver Magnolia

Class 14 – Graduate Bitch – No Entries

Class 15 – Post Graduate Bitch – 1. Dingley’s Davot Chinoa 2. Stock’s Lindenka Apple Charlotte

Class 16 – Limit Bitch – 1. Cooper’s Brorastar Words of Love 2. Davison’s Braxquin Beginning a Dream 3. Gaydon’s Gilbri Royal Sapphire 4. Chamber’s Sprig of White Heather

Class 17 – Open Bitch – No Entries


Class 18 – Brace –  1.  Mr P & Mrs S C Hayton   2.  Mrs A & Mr T A W Stock

Class 19 – Special Beginners Dog or Bitch – 1. Bartley’s Pelham Lady of Heathbridge

BEST IN SHOW/BEST PUPPY IN SHOW:  Squire’s Kimgarwyn Defender


Judges Critique………..



West Highland White Terrier Club Open Show

At the SWKA Ch Show



It is such a good idea to combine a club show with a major championship show, giving exhibitors the chance to have two differing opinions of their dogs on the same day for the cost of a single journey.  Thank you to everyone who waited so patiently for our ring to be available and to the committee for seemingly miraculously transforming it into a well decorated club show event with such speed and efficiency with especial thanks to my wonderful steward for sorting everything out so calmly.  Despite an overly long wait, there was such a happy enthusiastic atmosphere throughout, emphasised by the dogs’ charming friendly personalities. It was interesting to find that some of the more strongly built and better balanced appeared to be rather taller than they actually were, this proving to be merely an illusion when checked.




Minor Puppy (3d-0ab)  A super class, all of the highest quality, for which it would have been easier to have had three first prizes.    

1.  Squire’s Kimgarwyn Defender.  So very masculine, mature and well balanced, in harsh jacket and hard muscular condition.  Well shaped head with an irresistible expression in his dark sparkling eyes.  Simply a joy to handle as he is so well made all through with strong hindquarters, level topline, neat feet and good layback of shoulder. Constantly alert, a strong, energetic, willing showman, super sound and positive on the move with good extension in sidegait, holding himself with justifiable pride. One of those dogs who seems to know instinctively just how it should be done and he did.  Most exciting.  BPIS & BIS

2.  Thomson’s Ashgate Gleouraicy.  Beautifully made all through with well laid shoulder, in excellent harsh coat, lovely dark eyes and pigment.  A good mover only,  understandably at this age, just not quite as mature as the winner as yet but his turn will surely come as the promise is all there.

3.  Corri’s Inverglen Low ‘N Behold


Puppy (1d-0ab)

 1.  Carlin’s Lizandycris Check Me Out.  Charming youngster, full of fun, who went with a spring in his stride, dark expressive eyes and good mouth.  Coat coming on well, firm on elbow, constantly alert and very inquisitive!


Junior (2d-0)

1. Jennings’ Comdale Johnny Boy.  Lovely head, eye, expression and pigment, firm front, good neck and excellent topline with well set and carried tail.  He scored on layback of shoulder, positive and enthusiastic on the move.

2.  Hughes’ Brychdyn Diamond Geyser.  Well balanced, in good coat and condition, he too had a charming head and expression with good pigment.  Energetic on the move, if a trifle short in stride.




Yearling (1d-0)

1.  Hayton’s Pedrohay Roberto.  Excellent shoulder and firm front, good coat with lovely small ears, dark eyes and pigment with good mouth.  Topline can still firm a touch, not always holding himself as well as he might on the move.


Post Grad (2d-0)

1.  Corri’s Inverglen Lord of the Manor.  Smart and well balanced with well shaped head, lovely expression and dark pigment, well laid shoulder and strong hindquarters, good mouth, longer ears, in excellent coat and hard muscular condition.  He moved well, full of himself and his own importance.

2.  Stock’s Lindenka Baxter.  Lovely small well set ears, where he scored, good pigment, an enthusiastic mover with firm front and well set tail, in good coat and condition.


Limit (1d-0)

1.  Thomson’s Ashgate McKenzie. Lovely head and expression, dark eyes and pigment with neat small ears, so good for size, type, make and shape with good layback of shoulder and strong hindquarters, immaculate topline and good tailset, in harsh coat.  Moving especially well in profile and behind.


Open (2d-1ab)

1.  Morton’s Ir Ch Havasu Hey Dude for Swifdon.  Well shaped head with neat small well set ears, good eye and expression, harsh jacket, excellent topline and tailset.  Just a little narrow in movement but with good reach in profile.




Veteran (2d-1ab)

1.  Davison’s Antonia Apple Pie at Braxquin.  Good looking seven year old dog with well shaped head, good eye and ears with charming expression.  Very sound, enthusiastic and positive on the move with well laid shoulder, good forechest and level topline. BVIS


Special Beginners (1d-0ab)

1.  Bartley’s Pelham Lady of Heathbridge.  Lovely dark expressive eyes, good pigment, excellent shoulders and harsh coat.  She moved very well.





Puppy (5d-0ab)

1.  Morton’s Brychdyn Carrie on Swifdon.  Gorgeous head eye and expression, good mouth and topline, well made all through.  Not giving of her best to start with but, after having completed her ablutions at the edge of the ring, it was a very different story.  She then moved very well indeed with a spring in her stride.  BPB.

2.  Mealing’s Reifrandies Muirne.  Loved her for size and type with a most charming feminine head with small neat ears and excellent topline and hindquarters.. Only lost out to the little extra maturity of the winner.  She has all the promise in the world.

3. Lancaster’s Clanestar Cloud Chaser


Junior (7d-2ab)

1. Hooper’s Yorstar Betsy Ross.  Such a beautiful head with the most alert appealing expression in her dark eyes, which seemed to follow me everywhere. Excellent pigment with well shaped ears and muzzle.  Ultra feminine, well balanced with short back and beautifully made all through.  Lovely for size and type, she moved to match the excellence of her confirmation, holding herself so proudly.  BOS & RBIS

2.  Gaydon’s Bellevue Wanna Be at Gilbri.  Also lovely with wider set ears, excellent pigment and dark expressive eye, good layback of shoulder, in excellent coat and condition with good shoulder, topline and tailset.  Very sound and positive on the move, so well balanced standing but, for reasons of her own, seemed to elongate herself on the move.

3.  Dunne’s Hillcloud Iceflake at Charosmack


Yearling (1d-0)

1.  Hayton’s Pedrohay Silver Magnolia.  A willing showgirl in excellent harsh coat and hard muscular condition with decent shoulder and good mouth.  Sound and positive on the move, dark pigment and eyes.


Post Grad (3d-1ab)

1. Dingley’s Davot Chinoa.   Nose pigment coming in well after what was obviously an accident, good layback of shoulder, she scored on earset.  A steady mover, holding herself with pride.

2. Stock’s Lindenka Apple Charlotte.  Well shaped feminine head, very sound in movement with decent shoulder, well set and carried tail.


Limit (5d-1ab

1.  Cooper’s Brorastar Words of Love.  Most charming head and expression with small neat ears, beautifully presented in the harshest of coat and hard muscular condition, so well balanced with excellent topline and shoulder, where she scored.  Super, sound and positive on the move, holding herself very proudly with well set and carried tail.  Just needs a little more sun on her nose to complete the picture.

2.  Davison’s Braxquin Beginning a Dream.  Feminine showgirl with darkest of pigment  and good coat with decent shoulder.  Just a little longer than the winner, very sound on the move.

3.  Gaydon’s Gilbri Royal Sapphire



BRACE (2d-0)

 1.  Hayton’s Pedrohay litter brother & sister.  So very charming and typey, with such similar heads and expressions.  Co-operating well with their handler, just scoring on movement.

2.   Stock’s Lindenka dog and bitch.  A steady willing couple, who went well together.


                                                                                                            Jane Lilley









April 28th 2012 – Held in conjunction with WELKS Ch. Show, Malvern



Judge:  Liz Cartledge (Ryslip) – JUDGES CRITIQUE:


What a good idea to hold an open breed club show in conjunction with an all breeds championship show that also classified the breed with CC’s.  I can only apologise for  keeping exhibitors waiting as before I could join the Westie fraternity, I had to judge a decent entry of Rhodesian Ridgebacks for WELKS.

It was the worst kind of cold, wet and miserable weather and quite understandably, a number of WHWT exhibitors had gone home.  I very much appreciated the invitation from the WHWT Club of Wales and should like to thank the exhibitors who remained to the bitter end.  Best in Show was Karamynd Play it Again;   Reserve Best in Show & BOS was Lilmill Give Me Your Answer Do;  Best Puppy Comdale Johnny Boy & Best Veteran Ashgate Scots Sagacity.

A very good entry  of 77 from 70 dogs on paper but decimated to approximately half that number actually present and judged.  Fronts and front movement were the most common faults, some low tail sets and a few that failed in showmanship  & terrier spirit, but if had been a long day and a long wait to make a second appearance in one day so it is a bit harsh to make this last comment.  My cheerful and most efficient steward helped to make the judging go with a swing.

MPD (5,2) –  1.  BP, Jennings’s Comdale Johnny Boy.  8 mths, lovely puppy, bright as a button, tail on top, masculine head, well pigmented, harsh white jacket, moved well out and back, excellent presentation, well bodied, promising.  2.  Lilley & Milling’s Lilmill Out N’About, 8 mths, short back, good coat.  A little long in foreface, moved well behind but needs to tighten up in front.  3.  West’s Tomlyndon Power of Love.

PD (2) – 1. Hayton’s Pedrohay Roberto, 11 mths, smart clean looking puppy, good jacket, masculine head, very well presented, moved ok behind but a bit lazy in front today.  2.  Windram’s Louie Conquistador, 10 ½ months, short back, good body, clean neckline, moved ok, mouth not 100%.

PGD (5,3) – Stock’s Lindenka Baxter, 5 years, would like to see him move with a bit more reach in front, pleasing head, good body and ribcage, well muscled quarters, well set tail, moved ok behind.  2. Anthony’s Rozamie Dream on with Charmedautum, also 5 years, up to size, lovely coat texture, cheerfula and positive after such a long wait.  Masculine head and out look, moved ok behind.  Tailset could be better.

LD (6,2) – 1.  West’s Tomlyndon Spoilt Rotten, 2 ½ yrs, excellent tailset and carriage, good head and eye, strong body, deep chest, moved and showed well, excellent presentation.  2.  Carlin and Gillott’s Lizandycris Out to Play, 2 ½ hrs, very hyped up in the company of other males so not really settled today.  Good reach of neck, harsh jacket, typical head, firm body  3.  Noyce’s Maxula Name Of The Game.

OD (6,2) – Small class of 2 but the best 2 males I had today.  1.  BD & BIS, Griffiths’s Karamynd Play It Again, 4 yrs, quality head, lovely reach of neck, sound assertive mover, excellent front movement not often seen today, shortest of backs, made the most of himself standing and moving, good depth of body  2.  Lewis’s Ch. Lynnsto Man About Town, 4 yrs, up to size, coat harsh and presented to absolute perfection, in lovely condition, all male head, good pigment, very well handled, clean neckline, fit body, moved with a purpose going away, just not as forthcoming coming towards me.  Two really good Westies.

V (3,2) –  1. BV, Thomson’s Ashgate Scots Sagacity, nearly 11 this young lady still has a good figure, reachy neck, feminine head, clearly enjoying her outing, showing very well.

MPB (7,4) – 1. Hooper’s Yorsar Betsy Ross, 7 mths, pretty little bitch, short back, neat head, good depth of body, moved with animation, delightful temperament. Coat still puppy soft and 1 should like a little more bone.  2.  Bradbury’s Petalam Positive Outcome, 7 mths, real baby, well fitting coat, lovely body, moved ok, short attention span, showmanship a bit on and off but she will learn!  3.  Bartley’s Pelham Lady of Heathbridge.

PB (5,3) – Noyce’s Maxula Box of Tricks, 10 mths, quality puppy in good coat and form, harsh jacket, pretty head, dark eyes giving you a piercing look, firm body, stong quarters, well presented and handled.  2.  Hayton’s Pedrohay Silver Magnolia, 11 mths, well bodied puppy, good coat texture, lacking a little in animation today & not going very well in front.

JB (5,3) – 1. Thomson’s Hillcloud Athena at Ashgate, 15 mths, quality head, keen expression, moved ok going round a bit half hearted with her tail carriage.  Needs to improve in front movement.  2. Anthony’s Charmedautum Heavenly Dream, also 15 mths, 1 preferred head and expression of winner, short back, not quite holding her topline on the move today, good coat and body.

YB (3,1) – 1. Harper’s Westigo Sheeza Delight, 13 mths, harsh well fitting jacket, good reach of neck, well laid shoulders, keen expression, moved quite well.

GB (4,3) – 1 Burn’s Burneze Plan Bea. 17 mths, big bitch with short  back, good coat body and quarters, attractive head, good depth, well presented and handled 2. Harper’s Westigo So Far So Good, 13 mths, feminine head, good topline, excellent coat texture, not using her tail to advantage  3. Windram’s Cochansa Dales Pride

PGB (3,1) – Stock’s Lindenka Apple Charlotte, 3 yrs, shapely bitch, feminine head, good outline and proportions, moved ok behind  2. Sweetzer’s Bellevue Wild At Heart, 22 mths, very stubborn today and wanting to do things her way.  Good neckline and depth of body, just not in the mood to co-operate fully

LB (8,4) – 1.  Thomson’s Ashgate Moonsie, 20 mths, typy youngster of good quality, I like her head and expression, reachy neck, well fitting jacket, moved and showed well 2. Mealing’s Reifrandies Mingay, 6 yrs, good honest bitch with all the essentials, steady showgirl, well presented and conditioned, good body and coat, used her neck to advantage, failed a little in front movement 3. Harper’s Westigo Precious Spirit.

OB (4,2) – 1. BB & RBIS Lilley & Milling’s Lilmill Give Me Your Answer  Do, 4 yrs, up to size for a bitch, but she is so well made and shapely, great coat texture, quality head, dark eyes, well laid shoulders, good reach of neck, excellent body and depth, lovely showgirl eager to please, sound moved 2.  Griffith’s Karamynd Make A Splash, steady showgirl, precise mover if not quite the drive of 1st, well proportioned, short back, good quarters.

BRACE (3,2)  Hayton’s brace of litter brother & sister, good likeness and they went well together for 2 puppies, excellent coats 2. Stock’s do g and bitch, front movement let them down a little

SPECIAL BEGINNERS (2) 1. Westigo’s Sheeze Delight 2. Charmedautum Heavenly Dream







October 9th 2011 – Held in Conjunction with SWKA Ch. Show, Builth Wells

Judge:  Tina Squire

  • Class 1 – Minor Puppy Dog – Absent
  • Class 2 – Puppy Dog – Fox’s Hillsted Same Again 13.10.10 Br Exh. Llovall Ain’t Misbehavin – Hillsted Sweet Breeze
  • Class 3 – Dale’s Something Special Superbia Lynnsto (Imp.Pol) 25.9.10 Br. A Siwulska Multi Ch. Un Pour Moi Du Moulin De McGregor – PL & INT Ch Avra Superbia
  • Class 4 – Absent
  • Class 5 – Carlin & Gillott’s Lizandycris Devlin in Disguise 5.4.10 Br. Exh. Ch. Davot Chivalrous Chap – Lizandycris Girl of Action
  • Class 6 – Squire’s Kingarwyn Arlo 1.4.10 Br. Exh. Ch. Kingarwyn Alco – Kingarwyn Bramble
  • Class 7 – Britten’s Walk the Line Vom Diepenbrook to Krisma 10.7.10 Br. Mr & Mrs B & Miss T Deipenbrook Int. Ch Krisma Spitn Polish – Ch & Int. Ch. Royal Diva Vom Diepenbrook
  • Class 8 – Lewis’s Ch. Lynnsto Man About Town Sh.CM 7.4.08 Br. M Dale Multi Ch. Lynnsto Mastercard JW – Highcrest Enya Dreams Lynnsto
  • Class 9 – Thomson’s Ashgate Scot’s Sagacity 23.5.01 Br. Exh. Ch. Ashgate Ivanhoe – Ch. Kyntilly Wisdom at Ashgate

BEST DOG :  Ch. Lynnsto Man About Town Sh.CM  RESERVE:  Walk the Line Vom Diepenbrook to Krisma   BEST PUPPY DOG: Hillsted Same Again

  • Class 10 – Lancaster’s Clanestar Careless Love B 19.1.11 Br. Exh. Ch. Hopecharm Willie Make It for Karamynd – Ch. Clanestar Careless Affair JW
  • Class 11 – Jennings’s Comdale Starr 1.1.11 Br. Exh. Ch. Pepabby Prank – Comdale Talk the Talk
  • Class 12 – Gaydon’s Gilbri Spanish Rose 24.7.10 Br. Exh. Ch & SP. Ch Alborada Centurion – Gilbri Charisma
  • Class 13 – Gaydon’s Gilbri Royal Sapphire 21.9.10 Br. Exh. Ch. Bellevue Going Dutch with Pryorvale – Ch. Wistonant Royal Ruby at Gilbri
  • Class 14 – Windram’s Cassara Princess 29.10.04 Br. Exh. Trethmore Tall Story – Barnwin Im Daisy May
  • Class 15 – Griffiths’s Krisma Asking for Trouble at Karamynd 1.10 Br. Mrs D Britten Ch & Int. Ch. Karamynd Play the Game JW – Krisma Trouble in Mind
  • Class 16 – Squire’s Kingarwyn Bramble 2.9.08 Br. Exh. Ch. Havasu Pai – Kingarwyn Charlie Girl
  • Class 17 – Coley’s Karamynd on Cue for Kingsview 13.12.07 Br. Mrs J Griffiths Ch. Karamynd Play the Game – Ch. Karamynd Paws for Applause
  • Class 18 – Mrs A Stock

BEST BITCH – Karamynd on Cue for Kingsview  RESERVE: Krisma Asking for Trouble at Karamynd   BEST PUPPY BITCH:  Comdale Starr

BEST IN SHOW:  Ch. Lynnsto Man About Town Sh. CM

RESERVE BEST IN SHOW & BEST OPPOSITE SEX:  Karamynd on Cue for Kingsview

BEST PUPPY IN SHOW:  Comdale Starr

BEST VETERAN IN SHOW:  Ashgate Scots Sagacity


The WHWT Club of Wales held an open show where BIS was Ch Lynnsto Man About Town ShCM, RBIS & BOS, Karamynd On Cue for Kingsview, BP, Comdale Starr and BV, Ashgate Scots Sagacity.  My thanks to the club for inviting me to judge at their show held in conjunction with South Wales Championship Show.  Also thanks to the exhibitors who stayed on to support the club.
MPD  –  1(1A)
PD  –  2  –  1. Fox’s Hillsted Same Again.  Lovely head with large teeth and excellent bite.  Very mature,   cobby dog.  Real ring presence, free standing and moved well.
2.  Jennings’ Comdale Gorgeous George.  Very showy puppy, full of confidence. Just needs to mature.
JD  –  3(1A)  1.  Dale’s Something Special Superbia Lynnsto.  Very stylish young male.  Good harsh white coat.  Lovely outline on the move.  One for the future.
2.  MacBean’s Gilbri Royal Commander at Pryorvale.  Well balenced dog, moved and showed well.
YD  –  2(2A)
GD  –  3(1A)  1.  Carlin & Gillott’s Lizandycris Devlin In Disguise.  Lovely dog to go over.  Excellent head.  Loved his attitude, showed well and moved with drive.
2.  Windram’s Kristenkenzie Fagan.  Well made dog.  In good harsh coat.  Moved well.
PGD  –  5(3A)  1.  Squire’s Kimgarwyn Arlo.  Excellent neck and shoulders.  Very showy maintaining outline on the move.  Well presented.
2.  Stock’s Lindenka Baxter.  Good outline stacked and on the move.  Showed with purpose.
LD  –  4(1A)  1.  Britten’s Walk The Line Vom Deipenbrook to Krisma.  Lovely varminty expression.  Good sized teeth with excellent bite.  Loved his neck and shoulders running into short back.  Moved well with tail bang on top.  Very stylish male with a bright future. RBD.
2.  Griffiths’ Karamynd Play It Again.  Smaller type, well made.  Shortist of backs.  Showed well with good attitude.
3.  McLoughlin’s Ley Hey Living Legend ShCM.
OD  –  11(4A)  1.  Lewis’ Ch Lynnsto Man About Town ShCM.  Really lovely dog to go over.  So stylish stacked and on the move.  Sailed around the ring as if he owned it with “look at me” attitude.  BD & BIS.
2.  Gordon’s Ch Lamsmore Fitzwritin.  Another lovely dog.  Put down to perfection.  Immaculate white coat.  Very impressive.
3.  Minett’s Ch Duskhunter Dutch Courage.
V  –  4(2A)  1.  Thomson’s Ashgate Scots Sagacity.  Ten year old bitch with excellent bite, nice type and well constructed.  Moved with drive. BV.
2.  Dale’s Ch Lynnsto Pellam JW, ShCM.  Well made male.  Very well presented.  Moved and showed well.
MPB  –  5(2A)  1.  Lancaster’s Clanestar Careless Love.  Beautiful puppy.  Loved her head and expression.  Excellent neck and shoulders.  So well balenced.  Has a bright future.
2.  Thomson’s Hillcloud Athena at Ashgate.  Real baby but showed well and moved with drive.
3.  Judge’s Lymehills Maria of Erinshore.
PB  –  5(1A)  1.  Jenning’s Comdale Starr.  Caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring.  Really loved this puppy, just my type.  So feminine from head to tail.  Very sound on the move.  BPIS.
2.  Fox’s Comdale Miss January.  Litter sister to 1 and similar in type.  Excellent head, moved and showed well.
3.  Edmondson’s Peppaby Pirouette.
JB  –  4(2A)  1.  Gaydon’s Gilbri Spanish Rose.  Pretty bitch with feminine head.  Excellnt neck and shoulders.  Showed well with tail on top.  Lovely white coat.
2.  Thomson’s Ashgate Moonsie.  Another nice bitch.  Excellent bite.  Moved and showed with purpose.
YB – 2(1A)  1.  Gaydon’s Gilbri Sapphire.  Beautiful bitch stacked and on the move.  Excellent neck and shoulders.  Very well presented.
GB – 3(1A)  1.  Windram’s Cassara Princess.  Well balenced bitch but a little overweight.  Showed well.
2.  Pike’s Caromagic Shooting Star.  Very well presented but longer cast than 1.  Showed well.
PGB – 4(1A)  1.  Griffiths’ Krisma Asking For Trouble at Karamynd.  Well constructed bitch with excellent neck and shoulders.  Very sound on the move.  Really liked her.  RBB.
2.  Stock’s Lindenka Apple Charlotte.  Good neck and shoulders.  Well balenced and good presentation.
3.  Davison’s Braxquin Beginning A Dream.
LB – 5(2A)  1.  Squire’s Kimgarwyn Bramble.  Stylish bitch with excellent front, neck and shoulders.  Moved well with tail bang on top.
2.  Lancaster’s Clanestar Cloudchasing.  Nice bitch to go over.  Well presented.  Sound on the move.
3.  Hayton’s Pedrohay Silver Rosebud.
OB – 10(5A)  1.  Coley’s Karamynd On Cue for Kingsview.  Very attractive, cobby bitch.  Well constructed.  Moved with drive.  Well presented in good coat.  BB/RBIS/BOS.
2.  Dale’s Lynnsto Platinum JW.  Another nice bitch.  Well put together.  Excellent ring presence.  Needs a little more time to mature.
3.  MacBean’s Pryorvale My Cherie Amour.
Brace 1. Stock’s.  Well matched in looks and movement.
2.  Hayton’s.  Matched in movement. Not so even in looks.
Judge – Tina Squire.




May 1st, 2010

  • Class 1 – Minor Puppy Dog Miss J Ash’s Hillcloud Just Like Radley 11.9.09 Br Exh Glenbittle My Way to Ashgate (USA Imp) – Igloo Iced Maid at Hillcloud (BPIS)
  • Class 2 – Puppy Dog – Absent
  • Class 3 – Junior Dog – no entries
  • Class 4 – Yearling Dog – no entries
  • Class 5 – Graduate Dog – no entries
  • Class 6 – Post Graduate Dog – Brown.N & Pacheco L.  Glenbrittle My Way to Ashgate 23.9.07 Br. Exh.
  • Class 7 – LimIt Dog -Absent
  • Class 8 – Open Dog –  Pastor J & Gonzalbo SP CH Alborado Centurion 21.12.06 Br J Pastor SP CH Alborado Aristokrat – Alborado Sheeka (BIS)
  • Class 9 – Veteran – Dog or Bitch – Absent
  • Class 10 – Minor Puppy Bitch –  Morton Mrs C M  Lynnsto Switch to Swifdon 11.9.09 Br Miss M Dale
  • Class 11 – Puppy Bitch – Absent
  • Class 12 – Junior Bitch – Ash Mrs J, Hillcloud Drizzle 24.12.08 Br. Exh
  • Class 13 – Yearling – Bitch – Jones Mrs H J Fernlair in Persuit of Glory 23.10.08 Br Exh.
  • Class 14 – Graduate Bitch – 0 entries
  • Class 15 – Post Graduate – Bitch – Chambers Mrs P Circinus Winning Ambition 8.6.08 Br Exh
  • Class 16 – Limit Bitch – Lilly Mr A J & Milling Mr S D Lilmill Potty Dotty 24.4.08 Br Exh. CH Comdale Action Man – Lilmill Bright Star (RBIS & Best Bitch)
  • Class 17 – Open Bitch – Morton Mrs C M Charosmack Crystal Secret at Swifdon 4.8.06 Br Mrs R Dunne
  • Class 18 – 0 entries   Best Bitch – Lilmill Potty Dotty Best Puppy Bitch – Lynnsto Switch to Swifdon Best in Show – SP.Ch Alborado Centurion RBIS – Lilmil Potty Dotty BPIS – Hillcloud Just Like Radley
May 2009

Best in Show– Bellvue Going Dutch with Pryorvale
Reserve Best in Show –Charosmack Crystal Secret at Swifdon
Best Puppy in Show –Hillcloud Cirrus Sky

Minor Puppy Dog Brorastar Super Trooper
Puppy Dog Duskhunter French Connection
Junior Dog Duskhunter Dutch Courage
Yearling Dog Glenbrittle’s My Way to Ashgate
Graduate Dog Duskhunter Dutch Courage
Limit Dog Bellvue Going Dutch with Pryorvale
Open Dog Ashgate Sheriff
Best Dog Bellvue Going Dutch with Pryorvale
Reserve Best Dog Duskhunter Dutch Courage
Minor Puppy Bitch Hillcloud Cirrus Sky
Puppy Bitch Matanya Rebecca
Graduate Bitch Reifrandies Mingay
Post Graduate Bitch Circinus Snowdrop Beauty
Limit Bitch Refrandies Gansie Maid
Open Bitch Charosmack Crystal Secret
Best Bitch Charosmack Crystal secret
Reserve Bitch Refrandies Cansie Maid
Best Brace A Poynton

22 November 2009



















Minor Puppy Absent Fossleigh Angle
Puppy Absent Hillcloud Frizzle
Junior Duskhunter For’n Connection Hillcloud Cirrus Sky
Yearling Absent Hillcloud Cirrus Sky
Graduate Duskhunter French Connection Hillcloud Cirrus Sky
Post Graduate Absent Reifrandies Mingay
Limit Lynsto Man About Town Reifrandies Gansie Maid
Open Hillcloud Blizzard Yorsar Fivepenny Borg
Best Veteran Ashgate Lunna at Roscafin
Best Brace Absent Mrs S Mcbean
Best Lynnsto Man About Town Hillcloud Drizzle
Reserve Best Hillcloud Blizzard Reifrandies Gansie Maid
Best Puppy Hillcloud Drizzle


  • 1 Best in Show-Glenlevitt Drean On -ownered by Malcolmand Denise Levitt
  • Reserve Best in Show- Ashgate Camellia
  • Best Puppy -Circinus Snowdrop Beauty
  • 2 Junior Dog -Lizandcris Action Boy
  • 3 Yearling Dog -Ashgate- U S Patriot
  • 4 Veteran -Dog/Bitch Glenlevitt Dream On
  • 5 Best Dog- Ashgate U S Patriot
  • 6 Puppy Bitch Circinus Winning Ambition
  • 7 Junior Bitch- Igloo Ice Maid at Hillcloud
  • 8 Yearling Bitch Yorsar fivepenny Borg
  • 9 Graduate Bitch – Rosecafin Dolly Daydream
  • 10 Post Graduate Bitch- Olton Aye Precious Pearl
  • 11 Limit Bitch- Earlsdale Little Brite Star at Swifdon
  • 12 Open Bitch-Ashgate Camellia
16 December 2007

Best in Show Lillmill What’s It All About

Reserve Best in Show Hillcloud Polestar

Best Puppy Lizandcris Girl of Action

Minor Puppy Dog Roxholm Running True
Junior Dog Ashgate US Patriot
Graduate Dog Keedelwen Highland Rambler
Limit Dog Ambalasi Fire Fly
Open Dog Lillmill What’s It All About
Veteran Dog/Bitch Hillcloud Polestar
Minor Puppy Bitch Bocharo Miss Tique at Lizancris
Puppy Bitch Lizancris Girl of Action
Junior Bitch Yorsar Fivepenny Borg
Yearling Bitch Reinfrandies Mingay
Graduate Bitch Charosmack Crystal Secret at Swifdon
Post Graduate Bitch Ashgate Ardlussa
Limit Bitch Earlsdale Little Brite Star at Swifdon
Open Bitch  Ashgate Camellia
Best Bitch Earlsdale Little Brite Star at Swifdon
Spring 2007

Best in Show  Ashgate Sherriff

Resrve Best in Show  Lillmill What’s It All About

Best Puppy Yorsar Fuvepenny Borg

Puppy Dog Cloonebeganne Celtic Tiger
Limit Dog Lillmill What’s It All About
Open Dog / Best Dog Ashgate Sherriff
Veteran dog/bitch Glenevitt Dream On
Puppy Bitch  Yorsar Fivepenny Borg
Junior Bitch Reinfradies Mingay
Yearling Bitch Reinfradies Mingay
Graduate Bitch Reinfradies Mingay
Post Graduate Bitch Lillmill Bright Star
Limit Bitch  Royslcartier Strike a Pose
Open Bitch  Ashgate Maybole
Best Bitch  Lillmill Bright Star