Buying a Westie

The West Highland Terrier or Westie, is a very popular breed of dog and is owned throughout the world.  If you are thinking about buying a Westie it is important that you understand the breed and that you are sure they are the right dog for you. 

The Westie is often referred to as a big dog in a small body because unlike many small dogs, they do not act like one.  The Westie is loveable, friendly and loyal and adapts very well to different living arrangments.  We know owners who travel and their Westie goes with them in the caravan, farmers who have their Westie with them in the fields all day to older owners who have a Westie who curls up on their knee all day keeping them company.

Buying a puppy can sometimes seem like entering a minefield.  There are adverts all over the internet and in newspapers.  It is our advice that you contact a breeder.  Breeders can be contacted through one of the five Breed Clubs.  You will find that even if Breeders do not have puppies themselves, they often know of someone reliable who can help you.  The Kennel Club Assured Breeders Scheme can also be helpful.  The KC use a system of accolades next to Breeders names and this will guide you to those with the most experience.  If in doubt please ring our Secretary who will be happy to advise you. 

You should be prepared to travel to get your puppy.   We are very happy to advise on what to buy in advance but our best advice is to speak to the Breeder before making lots of purchases….toys in particular as you may find you spend a fortune and get home only to find a plastic milk bottle is his favorite toy – especially if he has stolen it.

There are lots of books available to help you care for your Westie but initially follow your Breeders advice.  They will give you a care sheet and a diet sheet and even if you move away from this in time, following the Breeders advice to start with will help your puppy to settle in his new home.

Be prepared for accidents.  Puppies are not housetrained and need help to learn not to puddle on your best carpet.  You may find a puppy pen useful to start with the restrict your puppy whilst you are busy.  See Links page for recommended websites.

Just a short message of caution, DO NOT, purchase a westie puppy from anyone who wants to meet you at a car park, services or lay –by. You should always see the puppy in its own environment and with its mother. Be cautious of vendors who only have a mobile phone contact.