Please stop the advertising of Puppies

At our recent Committee meeting, it was agreed that the Club will now discourage the advertising of puppies on Internet Sites and in Local Newspapers with our members.

On a recent internet search, we found that on one site alone, 111 litters of Westies were being advertised at prices ranging from £150 to £300.

We are also receiving an increase in calls from people who have bought puppies from adverts, only to find they are either not available when they go to collect them, and they are offered an alternative puppy  or that the puppies are ill after a few days and, if the owners are lucky, survive with costly vet treatment.

In order that the Club can help legitimate breeders, we would now ask ALL our members not to advertise pups.   The only exception to this being  the advertising of a litter on the KC website when registering your litter.

We have contacted the other 4 breed clubs and asked for their support in this.