There isplenty of advice about how to find a puppy but we wish to warn all potential puppy buyers that advertised puppies should not be bought.

We are hearing more and more heartbreaking stories from people who are buying from adverts and either not getting the puppy they see or being fobbed off with poorly puppies or ones without paperwork.

Please do not buy from adverts either online or in the paper.  If you buy that puppy you could just be making room for another poor unfortunately bitch to have another litter at a puppy farmers premises.

The Committee of this Club have decided that we will be asking our members not to advertise their puppies in future except through the KC Puppy Finding Service.

If you are a breeder and wish to belong to the Club to get help homing your puppies, please contact the Secretary who will make the necessary checks.

If you are looking to buy a puppy, please go the KC website.  The Assured breeder scheme details breeders who belong to one of the official Breed Clubs and has experience of raising litters.  You are advised to select a breeder who has at least the first two accolades but preferably all three.   If you want advice please contact us.

Finally, if you have puppies and are trying to find homes for them…please do not advertise them as they could be bought by the puppy farmers and be used for breeding.  Please register your puppies with the Kennel Club and use their services.  If your puppies do not have paperwork for any reason, please contact your local vet for assistance in homing your pups.